White Room Interior Ideas & Inspirations in Singapore

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If you love looking into beautifully smooth white interior spaces, you’ll love this post here. Many homeowners love white in their houses, it feels clean and classic. Try it in your home space with these Tips & Ideas!

(1) Use Varies Texture & Materials Finishes
Whether you’re renovating a new home or a resale flat, choose varies finishes and materials in shades of white to keep the interior spaces interesting. You can even mix with white marble floorings, white brick feature wall and white glazed porcelain tiles.

(2) Warm it up with Wood furnitures
The soft beautiful hue of wooden furniture makes the white spaces interior bright & cheery. This trendy and commonly used combination makes the interior very much soothing, neutral and balanced in its very own unique way.

Punggol - HDB

(3) Add Metallic and Mirror
Mirrors help illustrate wider spaces by creating light, reflected texture and its pictorial angles in the interior space. While Metallic finish beautify and bringing a whole new accent to your home with its pattern and lustrous texture.

(4) Bring in the Greens (Plants)
Even a small touch will add life to a room, the colour green of the plants brings balance and harmony to its surroundings. The Psychology behind plants, engage a dramatic effect on the environment making it more relaxing and simulation.

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