Landed Luxus Hill by Nicky and Alex Cover

Luxus Hill

HDB Tampines Central 7 by Angelyn and Jeff

Tampines Central 7

Condo Yew Mei Green by Alex and Fanny Cover

Yew Mei Green

Condo Tapestry by Angelyn Karen Cover


Condo Sky at Eleven by Pauline and Jason

Sky at Eleven

Condo Seaside Residences Shu Wen

Seaside Residences

Condo Nouvel 18 by Tony and Carlesa

Nouvel 18

Condo Gramercy Park by Angelyn and Lynna

Gramercy Park

Condo Emerald Hill by Lynna Janet Cover

Emerald Hill

Condo Dahlia Park Alex Lydia

Dahlia Park

Facial Shop Peachy Skin Bar Outlet 2 by Lucas Ong

Facial Shop Peachy Skin Bar Outlet 2

South Beach Residences

South Beach Residences

Jalan Lengkok Sembawang - Landed Rebuild

Jalan Lengkok Sembawang

Landed in North East Area

Landed in North East Area

Landed in Luxus Hill

Landed in East Area

NOC 2nd Office

Kin Teck Tong


The Caspian

South Beach Residences

Rivercove Residences

Marina One Residences

Hundred Palms Residences

High Park Residences

Gramercy Park

Euro Asia Park

Double Bay Residences

Costa Rhu

Costa Del Sol

Breeze By The East

Bishan Loft

Alps Residences

Yishun Ring Rd

Waterway Banks

Tampines St 41

Skyparc @ Dawson


Bukit Batok Ave 8


Ang Mo Kio Central

Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Surin Avenue - Landed Rebuild

Surin Avenue

This elegant posh home not only looks timeless but evokes a relaxing and cosy vibe too.

Hartley Grove - Landed Rebuild

Hartley Grove

Bukit Batok Ave 8 - HDB

Bukit Batok Ave 8

Minimalism in design, quality in living. This home features a neat aesthetics, simple yet not lacklustre. Play up the space with some plant features and bricks stucco to add a sense of nature into the home.

River Isles - Condo

River Isles

This elegant posh home not only looks timeless but evokes a relaxing and cosy vibe too.

Hillington Green - Condo

Hillington Green

Using warm colours and natural materials together with the right furniture and finishing, it exudes an inviting and tranquil ambience – a home you wouldn't want to step out at all.

MC2 - Commercial


Utmost honoured to renovate for mc.2. First-Ever Smart Experience Centre for Blinds.

Parc Imperial - Condo

Parc Imperial

You don't have to compromise your lifestyle when you have a small space. By using the right colours, it can create a spacious look. A functional space with ample storage yet having a timeless modern design.

Peachy Skin Bar - Commercial

Peachy Skin Bar

This facial shop reinvents the typical facial experience. Be blown with the lovable pink interior, the perfect shot for your 'gram to brighten up your Instagram feed.

The Clement Canopy - Condo

The Clement Canopy

Grey is a hue perfectly understated. It’s a go-to choice as it evokes a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Nim Collection - Landed

Nim Collection

This home flaunts the popular modern contemporary design, giving it a cosy yet stylish abode.

Lake Grande - Condo

Lake Grande

Love the charm of a Balinese-resort? This home has a tropical vibe that is warm and relaxing, as though you're on vacation.

Shunfu Road - HDB

Shunfu Road

The beauty of Minimalism is its clarity and simplicity in the design–clean lines, uncluttered, and volumes of space.

Belgravia Villa - Landed

Belgravia Villa

A return customer. A home that exude exclusivity and personality. This Mid-Century home offers a timeless appeal with high functionality.

Clementi West - HDB

Clementi West

A modern minimalist home with a touch of playfulness. Does this looks like a 40-year-old flat to you?

Jalan Salang - Landed

Landed in North Area

A modern interior design concept. It’s all about making use of space in creative and efficient manners.

High Park Residence - Condo

High Park Residences

Give your home that cosy and warm ambience with wood-look finishes.

Angullia Park - Condo

Angullia Park

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, this luxurious abode has been designed to emulate the elegance of hotel interior.

Signature Park - Condo

Signature Park

Think neutral colour scheme is boring? You might be wrong. Neutral colours can make the area looks brighter and larger. Having too much stuff and nowhere to be kept? Why not create a feature wall with storage for an uncluttered space.

The Viridian - Condo

The Viridian

A modern contemporary home with a blend of wood and marble. Wood accent adds warmth to the coolness of marble, exudes an earthy yet refined elegance.

East Coast - Landed

Landed in East Area

Bring nature closer to you. There’s nothing in-your-face about this stylish home. The home features a clean, sleek interior filled with natural material such as wood and marble. The highlight of this house is the custom leaf wallpaper paired with the cosy armchair that creates a laid-back charm.

North Park Residence - Condo

North Park Residence

Like styles that is of current trend? You are then a follower of contemporary style. Modern contemporary concept are comfortable and welcoming without being too cluttered and dark. One of the element of contemporary is the strong visible lines in a design.

Principal Garden - Condo

Principal Garden

Tastefully design and decorated. A good blend of the East and West that features both cultures.

Kismis Residences - Landed

Kismis Residences

Think taupe for a sophisticated home. Designed along with clean lines, and a touch of class and feel of luxury, Bernard has taken a holistic approach in creating a home that reflects the life and loves of people living in the house.

South Beach Residences - Condo

South Beach Residences

Blushed in pink. Soft pink hues accents add a chic, feminine touch to your home. Classic elegance with a modern edge.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condo

Kingsford Waterbay

Wood is a timeless element in interior design and has been used throughout the centuries. It’s often favoured to use for its beauty and versatility.

Punggol - HDB


Designer style for HDB Homeowner at Punggol with Condo layout.

Marine Drive - HDB

Marine Drive

What an amazing transformation of a 44-year-old Resale HDB flat! From a decades-old flat, it has transformed into a stunning Nordic-looked home. Our designer notes down every requirement mentioned by the homeowner, and by incorporating in with their expertise, it gives you a home that is uniquely yours.

Tampines - HDB


Add brick design element to your wall for an added aesthetic to your kitchen.

Punggol Field - HDB

Punggol Field

Designer: Alex Tan

Henderson - HDB


Designer: Shu Wen

The Interlace - Condo

The Interlace

Designer: Bernard Ling

Sunrise Garden - Condo

Sunrise Garden

Designer: Nicky Haw+Wency Tee
White Victorian home.

AJW - Commercial


Designer: Shawn Haw+Shu Wen
A Modern Contemporary office.

Gramercy Park - Condo

Gramercy Park

Designer: Angelyn Wong
Gold add year-round touches of glamour, gilt and gold to your home — without it looking tacky or overdone.

Latitude - Condo


Designers: Nicky Haw+Cynthia Lee
Dark shades combine with warm metallics create a boutique hotel environment.

Highline Residence - Condo

Highline Residence

Designer: Cynthia Lee
A retro Victorian style gives the home a dramatic yet romantic character.

PropNex - Commercial


Designers: JJ Yang+Jingyu
Modern Cafe style.

Edgefield Plains - HDB

Edgefield Plains

Designer: Shawn Haw

Domus - Condo


Designer: Shawn Haw
Around the world.

Bishan - HDB


Designer: Shu Wen
Modern home with a hipster vibe.

Bukit Batok St 22 - HDB

Bukit Batok St 22

Designers: Nicky Haw+Wency Tee

OUE Twin Peak - Condo

OUE Twin Peak

Designers: Nicky Haw+Carlesa Boo
Cosmopolitan living, classy interior. Every corner exudes glam yet in a delicate manner.

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