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Letter of Commendation - Rezt & Relax


1. Beginning to choose an interior designer we were faced with these choices:

       a. search the Internet and other forms of advertising and social media

       b. use an interior designer previously used

       c. go with recommendations from relatives, friends or contacts, for interior designer(s) not previously used,


       i.   go for the cheapest

       ii.  choose one that has the best testimonial, based on budget

       iii. go for the highest price for best quality and results.

2. We went for (1)(c)(ii) above – after many calls, and an extensive search and tiring legwork. We chose Rezt & Relax Interior after finally speaking to our agent, getting their testimonial from the Internet and those who had used them, and then calling Rezt & Relax directly. And that’s Nicky and his assistant, Anzie! Our very effective, and totally friendly and helpful Interior Designer and coordinator!

3. We are, in the end, very pleased with the renovation done to our Executive Apartment by Rezt & Relax. And, obviously, a million kudos to our ID and coordinator! Our new house, more than anything else, tells the story and is testimony to this! Why? For many reasons:

       a. They’re not the cheapest; in fact, their quotation did exceed our planned budget. But

       b. They provided the quality

                 i.   design

                 ii.  materials

                 iii. reliability of workmanship, vide (c) below

                 iv. defect checks

                 v.  lifetime warranty we want

            which was what we required.

        c.  Most important of all, they LISTENED during the (fortunately) few occasions:

                 i.   when the works were not what we wanted and had to be changed

                 ii.  when workmanship was not to our liking, so that repairs were made and defective items replaced

                 iii. there were mistakes made by the workers, and these were corrected

            to our full satisfaction.

     Which is what a good and top-notch Interior Design company is about!

4. Yes, the word is TOP-NOTCH.

5. On the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) how, then, do we rate Rezt & Relax? If you could just look at our new house, the answer is without doubt:

         a. It’s an 11!

         b. They’re highly recommended by us!

6. Promises are always made, and by not a few – but delivery, to us and to anyone who must appreciate their home, is everything.

And Rezt & Relax delivered.

If they can deliver to us who (as can be seen above) demand only QUALITY INTERIOR DESIGN, at a reasonable, or slightly higher budget (nothing being both cheap and good), they can deliver to ANYONE.

Proof still needed?

The first outside person, yes, the very first one, who stepped into our newly-renovated home, said – even before stepping past the main door – “Wow!”

And that’s what counts in truly good interior designing.


David & Fiona


Dear Alex, Eugene and team,

Thank you for a fantastic job done, in transforming our 5rm loft unit at 267A Punggol Field #16-111, into our dream home for me and Thomas.

You have shown us great dedication, professionalism, craftsmanship and service promptness. Most importantly, the modern design that was proposed met all our expectations, and the team had come up with solutions thought through carefully, to overcome some of the challenges that were posed with a double volume unit like ours. The project had started and completed all within the promised challenging timeframe of 6 weeks successfully, and we cannot be more happy, to be able to move in ahead of a tight timeline to let go of our old unit at the same time.

Design, functionality, project management and service excellence, were many of the critical aspects we had high expectations of, as we were highly recommended by a family member, who had previously engaged you for their home design/renovation. We were not let down, and we are more than happy to highly recommend your services to other friends as well, who had come by, and expressed awe and amazement of how a HDB unit can be transformed into a penthouse-like home of quality and great design, and still fulfills all the needs of our family.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation and accolades to all who had contributed to the success of our home completion, and I sincerely hope this collaboration is a showcase for your team’s efforts, as well as recognition of a project well done! May you and the team achieve greater heights in 2018 and beyond!

Thank you!

Thomas and Lucinda Lim


Hi Rezt n Relax,

We would like to commend both Alex and Sijie for the excellent job in designing our dream home in Canberra. The outcome of the renovation is beautiful and we are deeply satisfied. Overall, the project was well-coordinated and was generally smooth.

 Alex and Sijie are both committed in their work. They send us update regularly to ensure the progress of the renovation goes smoothly. They offered great design ideas, and also took into consideration our requirements and preferences. They are very approachable and friendly.

 We would also like to thank Rezt n Relax team. The quality and workmanship of the carpentry and electrical works are excellent. We can proudly recommend your service to our friends and family.


Jason and Rose


Dear John and Wilson

On behalf of my family, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the great effort and good job completed by your senior designer Alex Tan.

When we bought our resale condominium October 2017, we started our journey to renovate our first resale unit. The experience of renovating a resale unit was a totally new experience because all our previous purchases were brand new unit. We are very glad to have Alex to manage the entire renovation project else it would have been a nightmare to us.

We have assessed three service providers to renovate our unit in October 2017 and all three provided us with comparable cost quotations. Finally, we chose Rezt & Relax because Alex was able to provide the best proposal to fit the needs of each of my family members.

Alex displays strong ability to listen and has attentiveness to details of our unique requirements. For me, I love to cook and put lots of emphasis in the renovation of my kitchen. The final outcome is amazing as today I have a kitchen that is very functional as well as a showcase in my entire apartment. As for my brother and sister-in-law, Alex has satisfied them greatly by skilfully designed and created lots of storage space required by them in their bedroom.

Alex is ever-resourceful. He was able to overcome all these challenges put forth to him. To name some, we have challenged Alex with renovation needs to fit our 5-M ceiling as well as managed two huge chandeliers that hang down from this high ceiling.

In addition, Alex was very open-minded and patient to attend to our requests. We knew that he has put in many late nights to complete the tasks of our renovation project entrusted to him to complete within a relatively tight line.

Throughout the renovation journey from October to December 2017, we were worry-free and spent minimum time visiting the work site because either Alex or Henrik would take video clips or pictures of work in progress to update us as well as WhatApp us for clarifications, whenever required.

To date, almost four months after handover to us, both Alex and Hendrik are still very responsive to our follow-up calls for some touch-up here and there.

We are thankful that you have Alex, a dynamic and responsible designer in your team to design a very functional and stylish home for us.

    Strive On with your strong team!

    Lisa Chan

    Owner of a unit in CSR



We would like to offe­r our testimonial to ­Rezt n Relax for a jo­b well done with a sp­ecial mention to the ­2 IDs Bobby & SiJie who provided us exce­llent service 24/7 an­d made  sure our home­ is perfect.

We met up with Sijie and Bobby. With their professionalism, they presented their ideas to us in details. They were even able to capture small details that made us sign-up instantly during our first meet up.

From the initial defe­ct-checking (which wa­s offered free-of-cha­rge) to the actual re­novation period, they­ attended to us purpo­sefully, provided us ­timely updates and re­sponded to our querie­s as soon as possible­ 24hrs a day 7days a ­week.

When the job was done­ they made sure that ­everything was in ord­er before handing ove­r the unit back to us­. Overall we are very­ pleased with the ser­vices provided and wo­uld definitely recomm­end them to our famil­y and friends.

Its a great assets for Rezt & Relax having 2 great ID that represent the company and reputation add-on after every single job handled by Sijie and Bobby.

Two  thumbs up Rezt &­ Relax!

From your satisfied c­ustomers

John and Yolane


Dear Mr Wilson Teh,

I am Mrs Eva Tan, as recommended by our agent, Mr Eddie Tan, we have engaged your company for our new home’s renovation recently. We are really please with the works done. I am writing to commend the good work done by your company’s Designer, Ms Nicole Chang. We are really impressed by her professionalism and good service rendered to us. The designs and recommendations on the various details of the unit are excellent. Nicole is also very patient and understanding towards our many requests and needs. We would certainly recommend Nicole unreservedly for any of our family’s renovation works in future.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Maple Woods


Hi Wilson, John:

This is a letter of compliment for your company’s senior ID Angelyn Wong.

First and foremost Angelyn like her job, thus she is always enthusiastic,energetic and positive about it.

Secondly, Angelyn is very much service oriented: she is always reachable—even on Sunday and public holiday;  she is willing to cater customer’s requirement as much as she can–even this means she need to go extra miles for it; and she is a good listener,empathetic, can put herself on customer’s shoes.

For my little new home renovation project, there was a hiccup at the beginning, but Angelyn helped me to solve the issue to my satisfaction, and all in all the project has been delivered within the timeline–I got a quite fixed deadline to move into my new home; and the quality of work completely reached & some even exceeded my expectation.

Will I recommend Angelyn & your company to my friends and colleagues?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Thanks Angelyn, job well done!

Sincerely home owner: Liao Tao (Owen)


Hi Rezt & Relax,

I’m writing in to put in record our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sue and Bobby for their efforts in completing the renovation of our new home on schedule.

We first met Sue and Bobby at a furniture fair in Singapore Expo. At that time, my wife and I had no fixed ID in mind and we chanced upon the R&R booth while we were at the fair. Recalling coming across R&R via my friends and social media, we decided to approach both of your designers for a consultation. Sue and Bobby were very welcoming in that instance and was patient to explain each renovation detail to us despite it being a consultation only. Both of them listened attentively to our ideas and was not quick to shoot them down or to impose their own ideas on us. Importantly, they also clearly explained the payment process and was not pushy with their services.

We eventually decided to sign with R&R after much considerations. Even though R&R had given us the highest quote amongst other IDs that we had sourced, we still went with R&R because there was this ‘comfortable feeling’ we had with Sue and Bobby. This played a key role in us making the decision. Additionally, judging from their previous portfolios, we were confident that Sue and Bobby will not disappoint us and would do a good job.

Before the renovation phase started, my wife was pregnant. My wife and I decided that we want the new place ready before the delivery. We surfaced this up to the two designers and they got down to business, scheduling the works according to our request. Although the timeline given to us appeared to be quite tight, Sue and Bobby never failed to assure us that all will go on smoothly without any major hiccups. True to their word, they managed to pull it off and my wife and I were able to move in exactly 6 days before the baby’s arrival. There was a delay in one of the works but it was nothing major to lose sleep over. Despite the rather short time frame, the workmanship of all the custom works were beyond our expectations and there were less than 3 defects upon handing over. Defects were also minor and was quickly rectified. Our friends and families have commented on the speed of the renovation and are also impressed with the overall look and feel of the unit.

That being said, there is one aspect in which they could improve on. Communication. Communication between the two designers and us were good overall. However, their reply time could be improved further. At times, when we posted a question onto our whatsapp chat group, it takes a fairly good amount of time before we prompt them again for their answers. Likewise, for the reno updates. More updates could be provided rather than keeping periods of silence which can be worrying for new house owners. While we do not expect hourly or daily updates, a text to inform progress every 3-4 days would suffice. Even if there’s no progress, a text would still be good. Fortunately, we are a 10 mins drive away to our hew home and we could visit the unit almost daily to keep ourselves updated with the reno process.

Overall, our experience with R&R (and of course, Sue and Bobby) have been excellent. We have since recommended the two designers to our friends and family. Notably to my wife’s parents, who engaged them as well. Once again, please express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sue and Bobby for a job well done!

Edwin and Jody


Dear Bobby,

I am writing to thanks you and Sue for the job well done.
Your hard work and dedication has really help us while I am away overseas. Mrs. Leong and I just wanted to make sure you both know how much we valued and appreciated.
Your professional ideas and design has really us to solve my son, Clifton’s room space problem which he now very comfortable with. In addition, we are very pleased with all the finishing works especially the living room and master bedroom cabinets which help us to solve the space problem. Furthermore, we want to thank you for following up with Trilinq management to resolve all the defect works.
Once again, we thank you and Sue for your hard work and dedication throughout the past 5 months on completing our house renovation.
Most importantly, we are satisfied with your work. Greatly appreciated and wish you and Sue best of luck.

Well our reno is finally over and we would like to credit rezt and relax for doing such a fantastic job! I know most reno journeys are rocky but I never expected an inverted bell curve. It started out relatively ok & then we encountered some problems with our ID and it literally hit rock bottom. It was really bad & the house was in a mess. Thankfully Wilson Teh personally stepped in to resolve the matter and things got back on track.

I must admit that R&R’s service recovery is really top notch.

Although their price range is slightly steep, we have no regrets choosing them. Especially after this fiasco, we’re doubly glad we chose them. Having lifetime warranty is a plus point too!

They’ve managed to deliver a house that we’re really proud of!



We have moved into our home for coming 3 mths.. n was fortunate to have Tony n Elaine be our account reps from R&R from start of project to end.

What impresses me is not just the end product.. but more like their really helpful n great attitude to making sure everything is right n if wrong they rectify it for us. Most of the time we understand is not their fault but their contractors. Reno is tedious becos handling contractors is a tedious biz.

For the entire process, Tony n Elaine made sure the contractors got things right. N up til recently, even after after payment is finished n we found that the bin is not fixed properly n pests managed to get in after a fumigation session in my resale flat, Tony still made the effort to make sure his contractor changed things to acceptable standard. We didn’t expect that but very grateful for it.

And this is after already arranging for nonsense little things like touching up cracked walls, burst bulbs, toilet bowl seats not to expectation… (stuff which are from their third party vendors).

They did not have any mean remarks at all n all the way super accommodating. Is super star service I must say. So yeah, when people ask me why I need a ID, why can’t just engage contractor ourselves since our flat did not undergo huge changes in terms of design… I will say… well, becos u need awesome project managers like Tony n Elaine… and I must emphasize that we met a couple of different agencies… but follow these 2 from R&R to have peace of mind.

Thanks You 2! I would like to leave this as a testimonial on ur Fb page but see that u might have disabled the function so I’m PM-ing it to u guys.





Dear Wilson,

I am writing to you to exprss my appreciation to Mirene and Jim for their great job done to my new apartment Hillview peak 07-27#.

The project schedule is quite tight but they managed to let me move in before my lease contract expired.

And the design ,the quality of the renovation work,all the services I received are excellent!

I really appreciate the service of your company and your staff,I will definately recommand ReztnRelax to my friend!


Best Regards





My husband, Kevin and I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Shuwen, who has been nothing but awesome.

Our dream home would not be made possible without her advice, support and wonderful suggestions. She has far exceeded our expectations and

We want to compliment her for her professionalism, dedication and patience.

Shuwen is a gem to keep. Thank you to her, John and everyone at R&R! Keep up the excellent service, quality finishings and fantastic



Well done


Pek Sze Lynn Juliana

Lush Acres residents




We would like to offer our testimonial to Rezt n Relax for a job well done with a special mention to the 2 IDs Bobby & Derrick who provided us excellent service 24/7 and made  sure our home is perfect.

Before we went to Rezt and Relax Interior, we had approached an interior designer from another established company. We met up once for initial discussions on the concept. After that they ignored our messages and calls. We were quite shocked they are an established company.

Hence, my husband and I did further research online and we chanced upon Rezt and Relax Interior. We saw that they have received positive reviews from customers and also offered lifetime warranty. So we decided to give them a try.

We met up with Derrick. Although he was quite new to the company, I thought he was honest in his interactions with us. He also did not pressure us to go for additional items that we do not need. He asked us what we wanted and followed through with our requests.

Subsequently, we met up with Senior Interior Designer, Bobby. He presented their ideas to us greater detail even down small details such as the types of hinges and mechanisms for cupboards etc. Both of them also answered our questions patiently.

From the initial defect-checking (which was offered free-of-charge) to the actual renovation period, they attended to us purposefully, provided us timely updates and responded to our queries as soon as possible 24hrs a day 7days a week. This is very different from our encounter with the previous designer from another company.

When the job was done they made sure that everything was in order before handing over the unit back to us. Overall we are very pleased with the services provided and would definitely recommend them to our family and friends.

Two  thumbs up Rezt & Relax!

From your satisfied customers

Johan & Norul



Greetings Sir,

My name is Noresam,owner of Blk 212A Compassvale Drive. I am sending this e-mail to compliment about your Senior Interior Designer named, MR SOMNUS LEE.

Last year dated 2nd October 2016 me and my wife went down to Expo to survey for a Renovation Company. I have heard and read lots of good feedback about REZT N RELAX. Me and my wife wanted to see for ourselves how good the company and staff are, and REZT N RELAX is the first stop which we made.

SOMNUS is the first person to run up to me and introduced himself. Well, I am a very Fussy and difficult person. After my previous unpleasant experience with an ID from Cissern, I am quite doubtful to deal or sign a package with another ID. But to my surprised, the way SOMNUS did his job to convince me is very professional. He kept his promise to me and my wife. He give his assurance to me that he will do his very best to complete 90% of my house renovation project even though it will be held up due for Chinese New Year.

But, yes, he did it.

He will reply all my messages promptly, even after midnight. Well, not all Interior Designer will do that. He also fulfilled our preference for our new home project and, yes, he impressed us.

And he not a persistent ID like the previous we encountered. He is patient with me and still show professionalism in his work. Having Somnus as your staff for the Company will really compliments more if he still works as this hard to gain trusts from customers.

And will definitely make more business.

Me and my wife would like to say a HUGE thank you to REZT N RELAX Interior design, especially to Somnus Lee, for the Excellent Beautiful Renovation done to my house. We really appreciates everything Somnus did for us.



Noresam Bin Ali



Our special thanks to both of our IDs Leonard and Hikaru from Rezt & Relax for their professional advices, attentiveness and exemplary efforts to ensure timely completion and quality of work delivered. It has been a pleasant and smooth journey throughout the whole renovation period.

They have been very responsive to our queries,approachable yet professional to work with and help us out as much as they can. Their design making it truly come alive from 3D images to reality. We are very pleased with the workmanship that Rezt and Relax had provided to us and definitely made the right choice of choosing them and lucky to have both of our IDs.

May both of your hard work and continued dedication help you to prosper and achieve a greater success.


Yours sincerely,

Remy & Siti



Hi Wilson,

I am writing in to compliment on the efforts of your 2 excellent staff, Nicholas and Mirene. I have been searching high and low for the right IDs that can understand my requirements since my unit’s TOP, till i met the two of them at your office. I was very impressed with their earnest efforts in aligning realism and design. What made me sign on the spot during our discussion, was their professionalism during the presentation. No hard-selling, very upfront, unlike your other competitors.

Throughout the renovation process, they kept me updated constantly via whatsapp, even going through the hassle of furniture and lighting hunting on behalf. I am deeply appreciative of what they have done, things could have been alot tougher without their intervention at times.

Been a few months since the handover, each time I see some blemishes or hiccups, they are still contactable and hold true to excellent after-sales service.

Good employees are hard to come by, they are definitely great examples for your team to look up to.

Thank you Nicholas and Mirene!

Happy New Year to all and best wishes to a prosperous 2017.



Andre Zeng



Dear Hikaru

My wife and I would like to thank you for helping us in the interior design of our condo at Bartley Ridge.  We are happy and comfortable with the colour themes, furniture, bed/platform bed, cabinets, TV console, etc chosen by you and build by your company.

It is also a pleasure to work with you on this project as we find you very professional in your approach, diligent, quick and responsible in your work. You are able to give us various ideas and designs for our consideration and decision.

All in we like your carpentry work especially my youngest son who is so happy with the platform bed, table, blind and display cabinet. We strongly believe your company will be happy to have you in their employment. You are indeed an asset to your company.

Last but not least, again we would like to thank you for a wonderful and good job done and you are indeed a very helpful person.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely

David Yeo and Wife



To the management of Rezt & Relax:

We would like to show our appreciation to your interior designers, Hikaru and Tony. They have showed great commitment, dedication and professionalism. We really like our new home design. Thank you for your hardwork and completing our renovation in time! Keep up the good work!

Happy Lunar New Year to All!



Hi Wilson

Happy New Year!!!

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service of Shawn and Jeff who are my ID for the renovation of my flat at Blk 394 Bukit Batok West Ave 5. They have done an excellent co-ordination job and have also given me valuable advice in the renovation works. Through out the project Shawn and Jeff will always returned my call in a timely manner and they are also efficient in resolving all the issues incurred. Even after I moved in to my flat, they will still arrange to help to resolve the minor issue promptly without additional charges.

Their excellent service is greatly appreciated.

It is with great delight to have chosen Rezt & Relax  to renovate my flat.



Ms Chin



Dear Wilson, 您好!

我是贵公司的一名客户,上个月刚刚装修完我在Skypark Residences的新居。我写这封电邮给你是想对贵公司的员工敬瑜小姐(Ms Jing Yu)表示由衷的感谢,对她专业的工作素养、敬业的工作精神和对客户耐心细致的态度表示我们全家由衷的敬意。






James Wang



Good day John and Wilson,

This commendation for Bobby and Somnus was meant to email out much earlier but it was stuck in our Outbox.

Nevertheless, our family wishes to thank you and your awesome team for providing an excellent support and services in this renovation project.

In particularly, we would like to place on record the wonderful effort in making the renovation as smooth as possible, despite surfacing our last minute requirements.  Bobby and Somnus have managed to deliver and meet our expectations.

We are very elated with the overall services rendered from Bobby and Somnus.  They have been extraordinary and dedicated.  Please continue with the excellent work.  It has been our pleasure knowing you guys.

Last but not least, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year 2017 ahead.


Mr & Mrs Tay

Cassia View Renovation Project



Dear All,

I am writing to gladly express our satisfaction over the results and pleasant services by Alex and Carrick during the time of our unit’s renovation.

Working with Alex and Carrick was a great delight and very easy from the beginning to the end. They were patient, cooperative and adaptive to review and change the designs to our liking. We are also impressed with the consistency and tiredless efforts they have put in regardless of office hours and timings.

We have now happily settled in to the unit and are undoubtedly pleased to recommend Rezt n Relax and Alex & Carrick team to friends and contacts who may be looking for some renovation works.

Wishing everyone at Rezt n Relax a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all the best wishes for another great year in 2017.


Best wishes,

Clemens/Hartaty Maswi



Hi Mr Teh,

Just drop a line to commend the good work of your designers Nicholas Tan
and Adrian Tan.

My kitchen is situated at Blk 487 Yio Chu Kang Road ,Caste Green.
My kitchen  was  renovated within the time frame as promised by them.
No hassle and unnecessary trouble happened during the renovation period .
Also the design is up to my satisfaction.

Yours sincerely,
Madam Low Boon Man



Dear Wilson and John,

Congratulations on making our renovation journey so smooth sailing and memorable. We have finally taken over our unit from Alex Tan on 15 March this week. Shortlisting Rezt & Relax was the right decision to take as we were searching high and low for the ID that not only suit our budget and style, most importantly, we got a personalize ID who went the extra mile to help in every aspect he can and that definitely surpass our expectations.

Journey started when we saw Rezt & Relax brochure in our letterbox…prior to receiving this, we have seen x number of IDs and none fitted our requirements. We were looking for the X-factor and I guess in desperate situation, a signal came. Our friends who stayed at Bedok Residences strongly recommended R&R since the showflats were done by your company. We decided to give R&R a chance. It was the right move as we met Alex in Dec 2015 where we confirmed his service already during our 2nd visit. His genuine passion to serve and make our home truly unique and cozy touched us.

Throughout the renovation journey, Alex had been responsive every time we WatsApp him. Even when he left Singapore for his vacation before Chinese New Year, he never failed to inform us that respond maybe delayed. After CNY, we had a tough time looking for the right furniture to the house. At the sofa shop, we just tried our luck and called Alex if he was able to come down and help us choose the right one. Alex turned up in 30min time and under his recommendation, we found our perfect sofa and coffee table. Couple of weeks later, we got stuck at Furniture Mall with our dining table option and Alex gladly came by and helped us once again with the right selection.

The house had been beautifully done up with the right colors, feature walls (especially the stucco wall and partition won many praises from our visitors) and furniture. We are pleased to say that Alex had certainly do R&R proud with his dedication and commitment to provide such high quality of service to his customers. We hope to see more of such sincere and passionate ID in the industry as not everything is just about costs. Interior design is about building a world uniquely for their customers where they can truly call home and Alex had definitely live up to that.

A big thank you to R&R for wonderful workmanship and sending an angel to us to help deliver a beautiful home to us. To Alex, thank you for being there with us in the last 3 months…you have became more of a friend to us and we hope you will continue to thrive and shine in this industry.


Yours sincerely,

Lyn & Hong Chee



To Rezt and Relax Mobili PL

Allow me to extend my heartfelt thanks to interior designer Danielle Teo. I have engaged her service in renovating my new nest @Twin Fountains since April this year. Cost of renovation was reasonable and is affordable! As promised she is able to complete the reno work in less than 3 months period, exactly what we asked for and have requested. Throughout, she is very patient, decisive and able to give lots of ideas which is extremely useful for buyers like us as we may have lost touch buying a house for ages.

Danielle gone the extra mile in helping us to design our dream home! This is truly commendable.

As per Internet portal, she has been with the co prob around 3 years or more. I hardly monitors during the course of reno work as I have complete trust in her work. More importantly, I liked her creativity, her idea designing the home towards a stylish yet contemporary feel. Throughout, she is not only patient but cater to our request almost 24/7. She is swift and efficient. Danielle is proactive and has displayed passion in her work. She is responsible and I rarely see this in other designers these days.

I will definitely recommend my friend, colleagues for more of her designer work.

Please send my compliments to her. Thank her on behalf. She is indeed an asset to fhe organizations. Truly a GEM!!!

Satisfied customers, Doris



Dear Mr. Wilson,
Re: Commendation for Ms. Yvette Hong (senior designer) and Ms. Angela Chia (designer)

In March 2016, I engaged the services of Yvette and Angela to demolish and remodel my kitchen. Having experienced a similar renovation project in my previous home, I would like to compliment Yvette and Angela for their professionalism as designers and project co-rdinators. As senior designer, Yvette was the primary communicator and Angela worked closely together with her.

Firstly, I was given a quotation in just a matter of 4days or so after I approached your designers at the expo. As designers, Yvette and Angela understood well, the design that I was trying to articulate. I was also given concrete assurance that my needs and concerns would be met by including, into the renovation contract, the numerous specifications that I had highlighted before.

During the course of the project, there were discrepancies. However Yvette was exceptionally efficient in addressing those issues. She was quick in identifying the problem and was able to offer clear and multiple options. It is also her visibly good rapport with her other operations on site co-workers that ensured rectifications were followed thoroughly.

I was also impressed that the concerns and requests that I texted to Yvette and Angela after office hours were addressed almost immediately. In addition, Yvette and Angela expressed sincerity with apologies for any inconveniences caused. Overall, I always had the assurance that all possible was being done to ensure that the project would be completed without unnecessary delay, to my specifications and that I was duly informed of all relevant issues.

As a second-time renovation client, I can express with conviction that Rezt and Relax is a well deserving, reputable interior design firm as demonstrated by the professionalism of Yvette and Angela. I hope their outstanding efforts, executed so efficiently and in a warm demeanor will be duly recognized as assets to Rezt & Relax.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,
Agatha Chew



Dear Sir,

I write this testimonial today to highlight the exceptional experience that we received while working with Alex and Jeremy.

From start to finish, Alex and Jeremy were extremely professional and helpful, incorporating our ideas and materialising it to create the best possible home renovation experience imaginable. Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the process, from initial discussion right up to handover. When we had queries, they would respond quickly and without delay.

This entire process culminated in a home that looks absolutely stunning, reflecting the contrast of my preferred industrial theme and the beautiful theme of the house. Words cannot express our satisfaction with the finished home. The quality of work is impeccable, with each detail completed with utmost quality.

I further recommend them to whoever is interested in renovating their home as they will be assured of a good experience and utmost professionalism.

Best Regards,


Ralph Peterson

Elias 604 project



Dear Janice

It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with you. Your design ideas and the skill in execution was definitely valued in the process and reduced the stress on all of us at home, especially Ria being 8 months pregnant. The delivery was timely and Victoria is already loving her new space.

I have worked with many interior contractors over the years but your care was very professional and appreciated. You understood our needs and delivered.


Best Regards,

Ray, Ria and baby Victoria!



Hi Mr. Teh,

We are one of the many satisfied customers of Rezt & Relax. We just want to say thank you to you and your team for a job well done to our beautiful home. Most especially to Mr. Nicholas Tan who has been very patient and accommodating to our demands.

Me and my wife really appreciate the way he handles things and he’s always calm despite our constant nagging. He is very professional and always gives assurance on small problems. He takes great responsibility to the project and faced all the challenges with ease.

It was a very stressful period during construction as it was our first time and first home here in Sg. A lot of high hopes and expectations. Thank you to his team as well for the great effort and support. We just want you to know that our family is happy now that we have a place we can call home. Till our next project again.

Jonson Family



Dear Wilson,

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Bobby, our chosen Interior Designer from Rezt n Relax. We chanced upon him during the roadshow in Expo exhibition but we did not regret our choice thereafter.

Bobby provided guidance in regards to the colour schemes, patiently assisted us in furniture selections, painting, lighting and all other necessary accessories. He always accommodates and works towards the budget we set for him.

We are really overjoyed with the end results of the whole renovations. Bobby has managed to build us our cozy love nest where we could really enjoy and relax ourselves. He always tried his best to come out with new ideas when we told him we wanted something different from the norm. With that expectation, he never failed us at all.

We enjoy working with Bobby as he is always so approachable when we needed advice and help. Although we thought he is a bit young initially, but he has proven to us that he can manage and coordinate everything well for us. We are at ease when we hand the whole renovation to him.

To add on to his service in interior design, he is also very helpful and take initiatives to make sure our house would be as clean as possible when it was handed to us. He offered to clean our tiles and clear the remaining cement stuck in our cubicle with his bare hands. He also acted responsibly when we reported some defects to him.

In summary, it is our pleasure to work with Bobby. We are ease that he is able to deliver what he promise as well as work towards our budget and design. His work has definitely strengthen our confidence in Rezt n Relax Interior.

Thank you.


Nicholas and Weini



Hello Wilson, Bernard and Customer Service Dept.

I would like to share this piece of testimonial with you.

I am a satisfied customer of reztnrelax.  In particular, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to JJ Yang for his excellent work in my renovation project.  JJ is my Interior Designer and project manager for my house renovation.

I came to him in November 2015 and gave him a challenging and demanding objective, ie get the job done and I would like to move into my renovated home 4 weeks before the Chinese New Year.  The result: my family and I were able to move in on the 9th of January 2016. A mission accomplished.

Upon understanding my requirement, JJ immediately jumped into action.  Within a week or two, he managed to plan the broad project timeline and deliverables and promised that I would be able to move into the house on 9th January 2016.  This demonstrated that he is a very competent and confident professional.  We were impressed.

Throughout the period between November till 31st December 2015, I have made several alteration to the original design and despite the time constraint, JJ has shown a high level of maturity, empathy and professionalism.  He was able to absorb all the changes requests and methodically executed them timely.  He never lost his cool and each interaction was both professional, good empathy and high level of consideration for his client.

He took the extra efforts and mileage to get the job done on time and with great results.  In another words, he delivered as per promised.  These trait and attitude are very important in the ID industry in my opinion and this make a Big difference in differentiation.

I will not hesitate to recommend him to my contacts and I will be very happy to use his service again in my next home.


Best regards

Tan V Family

Cluster house Water Villas at Kovan Road



I’m writing this email to express our appreciation for the professional services my wife and I received from two of your interior designers, Angelyn Wong and Brent Seow, during our HDB BTO flat renovation from June to November 2015.

We are extremely happy and satisfied with the entire renovation (involving flooring, electrical, plumbing and carpentry works) right from the initial design planning stage to the completion of our dream home. Angelyn’s dedication to her work and skilful management of the entire renovation project really impressed us.

Before we started our renovation, we did some research and looked for renovation companies that fulfil 2 basic criteria – HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor; & Accreditation with CaseTrust. Rezt & Relax was one of the three we have shortlisted.

Even though the overall price quotation from Rezt & Relax was the highest among the three, we decided to select Angelyn because of her passion and experience in interior design, dedication to delivering quality works, as well as approachable and warm nature.

In particular, her prompt follow-ups throughout the renovation period is commendable. She made it a point to always keep us updated on the progress and ensured that the works done were in accordance to our expectations. During the carpentry detailed planning stage, she was very patient in gathering our requirements. She made good suggestions on colour schemes, and also gave useful ideas on creating practical storage spaces in the carpentry works.

The renovation has now been completed and the official hand-over was yesterday. My wife and I feel that it is an opportune time to pen our sincere appreciation and thanks to Angelyn and Brent for making our dream home come true. We would also like to congratulate Rezt & Relax for having such dedicated professionals in the company.

Mr & Mrs Yap
Blk 670C Edgefield Plains



Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m writing this email to share and express my appreciation for the service of your interior design Ms. Janice.

Being surrounded with interior design friends, it’s not easy to decide which one to choose from. Finally Janice convince us with her idea and design and I’m very happy woth it. She has been very helpful and responsible for the entire renovation. My whole house has been well design by her and by far the best in Pasir Ris One.

The renovation has been completed and I would like to sincerely thank Janice and Rezt & Relax for the great work.


Alam Shah 530D Pasir Ris One



Me and my wife would like to thank Leo Sei for the great services for more than 8mths of following up. Our experience with Rezt and Relax was great and a memorable one.

From day 1 when we met Leo, he gave us his professional opinion on his experiences in interior design skill. Not to mention that he is also a very patience person as well.

Hearing out to us and working towards our cost and budget, he also established both excellent communication skill as well as the design that suits our requirements.

Leo totally nailed down every bit of details that we told him, he was always there to solve our problem on defects and unwanted dispute between the contractors and us.

Frankly speaking, we have been to some others design films around Singapore before committing to Rezt and Relax. None of the senior designer out there is as down to the earth as Leo.

When Leo work towards our project, he does not look just only how much profits that he can made from the project. Instead, he helped us to source for 3rd party products when we our budgets are limited. He even offered to go shopping for furniture selection with us.

Leo treats us as good friends by establishing a strong trust bonding, we have a peace of mind when his around to have the overview of the entire project miles stone.

I believed Leo Sei will make a good asset to Rezt and Relax.

Thumbs up for his honesty and sincerity! Brilliant~!

Thank you very much! Cheers! Take care!

Raymond & Cindy



Hi Wilson,

Initially I was not satisfied with R&R due to some miscommunication with the first I’D. However I did message and communicate with you via mobile and you assisted to change the I’D to Mr. Shawn Haw. I am very grateful for your kind actions and I would like to compliment Shawn for the wonderful job on my first BTO flat at Punggol Waterway Ridges. All my friends said that it is very nice and have a very cosy feeling on the way lighting are used.

Shawn has been very helpful and always rectified all problems I feedbacked within days. The flat has been handovered to me last week but today I discovered one of the laminate came off probably due to insufficient glue. I messaged him and he immediately told me he will settle this on Monday for me. This is really confidence and warranty as promised and I will definitely recommend my friends to R&R.

Thank you and kind regards.

Terence Liao of 670B Punggol Waterway Ridges



As we were searching for interior designing firms on web, my wife came across ReztnRelax and after reading various reviews, we approached your firm and JJ. It’s 2 weeks we moved into our new home and when we look back, it’s one of the best decision we have made.
We got a feel of comfort and confidence on Day1 when we met JJ that he can execute what we have dreamt for. I think we spoke for almost an hour explaining different requirements and JJ with patience heard all our chat and just said, trust me, I will help you to get what you are looking for.

JJ is a true professional. Right from design works(rough sketch) to quotation to multiple versions of 3D designs, finding right lighting, curtains, wall paper and furnitures, he has rendered 100% commitment, experience and right skills.  Its JJ dedication and hard work, today our home has shaped so well and we are very happy with the design and execution. He was always available to discuss and give feedback if we approached him for suggestions, whether its colour of Sofa or any artifacts. This is a very important role of an interior designer to provide that comfort to customers.

To be frank, when we spoke to JJ on Day 1, he was not part of Senior Designers elite and this thought came across to us, why ?  Now, he has moved into elite group of Sr. Designers – ReztnRelax and we feel very happy for that, as JJ does deserve this to his credit.

We both are very happy to have JJ and ReztnRelax in designing our home and making our dream come true. Thanks to you both.

Raj and Sara of Waterfront Isle



Leonard Cheung was our ID for our EC and we’ve been impressed with him since the day we contracted him. We approached Leonard because his designs were close to what we wanted for our EC. Throughout the months that we interacted with him, the relationship with him was akin to one of a friend instead of vendor/ client.

I believe we were not the easiest nor the most difficult client but Leonard was patient throughout the entire processing including sitting through discussions that went up to 1 am!

He provided suggestions by compromising on both our ideals and his designs making it truly come alive from 3D images to reality. Additionally, he was there to oversee the entire project where he was onsite on days that included delivery of items that didn’t fall in his scope such as electronics and, he continued to come back even after we moved in to fix minor things around the EC.

We definitely made the right choice for choosing to Rezt & Relax and have begun the word of mouth of both this company and the designer to friends and family. Although the cost was slightly above our budget but every dollar was well spent on his professionalism throughout the entire project, dedication to what we wanted and last of all delivering the house as promised by him within the timeline given.

Yours sincerely,
Benny Quek & Yvonne Chan
Twin Waterfalls



Dear Wilson,

We would like to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for Yvette, our interior designer for our new home at Palm Isles.

Right from the start, Yvette has listened attentively to our requests and fulfilled our needs by providing practical yet tasteful suggestions on the interior design of our home. She did a wonderful job coordinating the entire renovation process and ensured that everything went according to the schedule. She was always contactable and gave timely responses to our questions and concerns.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Yvette as she has made the entire renovation process relatively stress-free.

We will not hesitate to recommend her to our relatives and friends.

Thanks Yvette!

Adrian and Priscilla



We would like to express our appreciation to Tim and his team for their commitment, professional approach, and hard work. It was given only 3 weeks to complete the project. Tim and his team managed to finish the project within the timeline without compromising the quality. During the process, Tim gave us many professional advices and innovative ideas. My 12-year old daughter extremely likes the design in her room. We are so proud to show our new home to our friends and guests. We will certainly recommend “rezt and relax” to my friends!

Henry/Amy/Joyce, The Vision condo, West Coast



We have recently engaged Rezt & Relax services and were very satisfied with the quality and services from the team.
With our limited budget, your designer, Danny had proven to be very creative and able to meet our objectives. He is very detailed, able to understand what we need and provides us with good and sound advice on our renovation.

We are really very pleased with his services and am sure will continue to recommend our friends and relative to Rezt & Relax.

Once again, Thank You!

Thanks & regards,

Chiong & Mary



I would like to take this opportunity to provide some feedback on renovation works carried out by R&R recently on our new home in Punggol.

Susan, our ID was approachable, confident and knowledgeable. She has an eye for color and gave advise when it was needed. Her designs were suited to our taste and because we needed storage space within a small area, her ideas were very workable and useful. She was easy to contact and constantly gave us updates on the progress of the renovation works being carried out. She coordinated everything from our own electrician to the installation of our TV and sound system.

Of course, as with all things, we had some hick-ups along the way, but Susan resolved them quickly and professionally.

Thumbs up also for quality materials and workmanship with polite and capable carpenters and workers. These were not the brash and blunt workers that you may get with some companies, so that was an added bonus for us.

I would definitely recommend Susan for her professionalism and excellent work ethics, and R&R for their reasonable price and capable workers.

You will be in good hands!

Vanessa & Johnny of RiverParc condo



Dear Mr John & Mr Wilson,

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service that your ID Mr Leonard Chung had provides.

FYI,this is the second time that we had engaged him for our kitchen reno. It started around 2-3 years back when I’m @ Singapore Expo looking for a reno company for my kitchen. All other IDs from various reno companies that I’ve approached seems to be recommending their own personal preference choice of colors/concept instead of the one that I’m enquiring which is all in solid black …… it’s rather a turn off for me.

I saw a kitchen display at your booth which I like the minimalist look & was approached by Mr Leonard. He took the time to listen & find out for me the possibility of finding the materials in black for this kitchen. We decided to engage him.

There is another experience guy from your carpenter team Mr Ah Heng which also
shared/explained in depth to me on the pros & cons of using black colored materials for kitchen cabinet which I find very informative. He even constructed a slider drawer type at the base for our gas cylinder so that we could transfer our empty or new cylinder easily.

WOW! I’m very pleased with the result/workmanship at that time. Recently we shifted to our new resale unit & I decided to contact Mr Leonard again as we had a very good past experience with him. Without doubt…. l’m going with the black colored scheme kitchen cabinet again. Both Mr Leonard & Mr Ah Heng visited my place to take measurements which I feel like a reunion of old friends …. since they knew my preference even Mr Ah Heng also help me to source for a black internal drawer unit in black from BLUM.

Our new kitchen is just completed & again another WOW!…… you guys had exceeded my expectation …… cheers!

Kind regards,
Mazlan & Jun



Dear Angelyn,

It has been a pleasure working with you since Day 1 when my wife and I met you at Singapore Expo at your company’s booth.

No doubt we had surveyed other companies for good deals however we still chose you.
Reason being that we felt that you had great customer service, approachable, sincere and good product knowledge.

From the first day we started to discuss on the drawings till the day that our house is completed, Angelyn has been very professional, patient and trustworthy. She even initiated to create a whatsapp chat group so as to make our communication much easier.

Angelyn’s after-sales service has been excellent, despite whether she’s off or on duty. Overall, my wife and I have been impressed by Angelyn’s professionalism as a Senior Interior Designer.

Mr. Zahid



We want to give our compliments to Gernie and Nicky who have helped us create our lovely home. They have been on top of things and have accommodated to all our requests.

With their efficiency and professionalism, we managed to move in within a month of getting keys.

Thanks for everything! Nice knowing you two and all the best in your future projects.

Kelvin and Weini



Dear Wilson,

Last August, we signed a renovation deal with Rezt & Relax for our new apartment @ Canberra Residences.
The job was completed on time & the workmanship for all your carpentry works are simply fantastic.

My wife & I were extremely grateful to Somnus for his hard work, ideas & most importantly, his sincerity in helping people. As 1st time homeowners, we were very hesitant in committing ourselves to any deal, but after meeting Somnus, surprisingly we signed the deal the very next day. Unbelievable right! HAHA

He also invited us to the showroom tour at Punggol & Yishun, & constantly gave us the assurance that Rezt & Relax is a reliable & trustworthy brand. He even introduced the Stucco Wall concept & showed us the presentation at your new office showroom. He was not pushy at all. Eventually we dropped our initial wallpaper idea & adopted his Stucco wall concept.

Guess what, all our relatives were impressed by that stretch of artistic wall during our housewarming. HAHAHA.

Now, with a new additional member to my family, our small one-bedded unit hardly has enough room for the 3 of us. We are making plans to move to a bigger unit in 2-3 years’ time.

Needless to say, Rezt & Relax and Somnus will be on the top of our list! Cheers!

E.K. Lim from One Canberra Residences



Though this testimonial came a bit too late, but we wish to express our sincere appreciation to Leo for his creativity and patience in designing our dream house..With our wedding in mid Oct 13, and taking into consideration that we only got our our house keys in mid Sep 13, we must really say that Leo did a splendid job in overseeing the whole project despite of the tight timeline. Leo is a professional and reliable ID who takes in our requirements seriously and is always available to talk to throughout the entire project. He is indeed a joy to work with! Thanks!

Ming Hui & Linda




My wife and I owe our compliments to your Designers, Guy Sing and Somnus. It has been a month since we have moved in to our 5-room flat in Punggol and we apologise for not writing our compliments earlier. Both of them have been very friendly and accommodating to our requests, especially since we had to move in quickly after collecting our house keys. They remained contactable and upfront throughout the renovation and we are very grateful for that. They helped us to achieve our dream house and we shall certainly recommend Rezt and Relax to our friends and colleagues.

Muhd Hafiz & Adida



I had an excellent experience with designer Tim Tian when renovating my house last year. Despite the tight schedule-only one and half month , he transformed a stark shell of an unit into a beautiful home! As I m on last stage of pregnancy, the baby bump creates a lot of inconveniences. He ran through helpful exercises with us to rethink the way we set up our rooms and help us optimize to use the space.He worked with our budget n went out together with us to choose the perfect furnitures to match the house design. His advice n suggestion had added character to our place. Throughout the whole Reno process, he had been v patient, professional, prompt to my enquiries and always thinking on behalf of us. I would definitely recommend him to friends who need interior design for the house in future.

-Peggy Fei



Our experience with Leo has been wonderful. My wife and I appreciate for what Leo has been doing for our new home at Adora Green. Throughout the design and renovation process, Leo demonstrates an impressive level of expertise and professionalism.

He is always prepared for our requirement meetings, equipped with a fine tuned selection of aesthetically appropriate design choices. His clarity on what the space requires for the best outcome is educational, inspirational and invigorating. Leo is steadfast in the execution process and demonstrates an exemplary attention to detail, an always welcome attribute appreciated by the discriminating client.

Leo is gracious and kind, intelligent and tasteful and his team is excellent as well; he interacts with his colleagues in a respectful, thoughtful and efficient manner. His interior design services were outstanding and very complete. Our sincere appreciation indeed, Leo is an excellent designer, Rezt & Relax is first class!

-Zhu Chubao and He Ping



So far I have been very impressed by their work and service rendering to me. Not only my ID, Xavier Wong, has great patience, every of their in house personnel eg electrician, carpenter and false ceiling worker, are knowledgable and professional as well as having eyes to details & sincere heart to the clients. If you are one that like to have a lot of opinions to your reno, Xavier will listen to your need, plus giving great advice.

If you are someone who needs peace of mind, feel free to leave all the job to them to handle alone. If you are looking for quality work, here’s the place, too. By and large, 一分钱,一分货. You will find it worth your money spent here.

Cal Chong



Hi Wilson,

Our renovations completed more than a month ago and although we have given our feedback during the handover, we thought a personal note to you would be more appropriate to commend your staff for a job well-done. We are happy with the results and your staff, Harry and Leonard (who is the behind-the-scene guy) are commendable. They are helpful, calm and listened to our suggestions. I commend them for being forthcoming with their suggestions and patience even though we made numerous changes to our initial selections and several last minute changes/amendments/ additions. They accommodated to our requests and we are grateful that these were all delivered in time.

We are happy with the end-results. Thank you for a job well-done.

-A couple at the Double Bay Residences



Trust them to create the worlds that you want with quality workmanship, lifetime warranty and great after-service. Thanks for making my home look and feel very bit like a resort that I cannot but rest better and more at home.

Noah Matt



Dear Wilson,

We would like to commend Leonard for his remarkable work and dedication in handling the renovation of our house. We are indeed very impressed with him and are satisfied customers of Rezt n Relax because of Leonard and his team of contractors.

As we are first time owners, we are very excited and nervous about the renovation works, We constantly pestered Leonard should there be any slightest problem faced during this whole tiring and tedious process. He would always calm us down and constantly assure us that our house would be ‘swee’ at the end of the day. True enough, we received many compliments from our family members and friends that our HOB house looks just like a condo. We also felt very lost when we had to choose the lightings, toilet accessories, tiles etc but Leonard was there with us throughout this whole process, giving us a ‘thumbs up’ sign when he felt that this particular design will suit the concept of our house.

Our friends told us that we will not be able to move in before Chinese New Year but Leonard made that happen for us. He was able to do a proper handover about a week earlier than the proposed time. The renovation was completed in 1.5 months. Considering the fact that we had to lay tiles (including the overlaying of tiles in both toilets), do cement screed, false ceilings, doors, hacking of walls, a lot of carpentry works (and I really mean a lot), plumbing and electrical works, this 1.5 months of renovation is considered a super sonic speed. Thanks to Leonard, we are able to have our reunion dinner at home and invite friends and relatives over during Chinese New Year. We are also very satisfied with the carpentry works done by your
contractors and I must say that the laminate wood used is of very good quality.

A big thank you to Leonard for being a very experienced and patient designer and for your effort in coordinating the renovation works of our house. We love your positive attitude of ‘no problem, can be done”.

Warmest regards,
Boon Theng and Eileen



Dear Wilson,

We would like to thank you for referring Nicky to take over our project. Initially, we just want to bite the bullet and go to other ID company but we were very touched by Nicky’s sincerity, amazed by his quick turnaround of a completely new design that addresses our theme and the prompt follow-up on various matters. Overall, we are very pleased with Nicky’s design and his professionalism. Work is currently underway and we look forward to moving in soon. Regard,

Li Fang



I’m writing in to commend Leonard on a job well done for our new flat at Havelock View. We first spoke to him in March 2011 and the first session lasted about 3+ hours even though we gave no inkling that we’re going to pick him to be our ID. Over the course of the next few months, we had 2 further meetings with him and again, without giving him any indication of our intent, he patiently sat through with us for more than 3 hours per session. Eventually, we signed the contract somewhere in Aug or Sep 2011.

In the run-up to the commencement of work sometime in Dec 2011, he was still responsive to my various queries and he answered the phone even during those times when I called him late at night. I’ve heard enough stories from friends and neighbours to the extent I assume that I’ll at least quarrel once with my ID during the entire renovation process but to my pleasant surprise, the entire renovation process went off without a major quarrel with Leonard.

That said, we would like to thank Leonard again for helping us to make our dream home come true and given the chance to do another renovation, we’ll readily pick Leonard and the same team of carpenters again.




Dear Wilson

Our experience with Leonard Chung has been nothing short of wonderful. Though we have a rough start, from our subsequent meetings to create a simple, cozy, and storage optimized home left us wonderfully impressed. Leonard captured the essence of our home and personal taste perfectly and was able to create a new and ideal home that we have always wanted.

Throughout the design process, Leonard demonstrates an impressive level of expertise and professionalism. He is always accommodating to our requirements and provided appropriate design choices that are also aesthetically pleasing. As an example, during selection for lightings and furniture, Leonard was there and gives us a “nod” sign when the particular design suit the concept of our house. His clarity on what the space and budget requires for the best outcome is educational, inspirational and invigorating.

As we are first time owners, the feelings of excited and nervous about the renovation works do exist. We constantly troubled Leonard should there be any slightest issue found during the renovation works. Leonard is always calm and patient in the coordination and execution process and demonstrates an exemplary attention to detail, a welcome attribute appreciated by the discriminating client. Lastly, we are also impressed and satisfied with the result of the workmanship by Leonard and his team of contractors. Their commitment and hard works have enabled us to start our New Year with our new home.

My wife and I look forward to a very long and mutually rewarding relationship with Leonard and Rezt & Relax as they continue to transform our living spaces into beautiful, inviting and memorable spaces.

Simon & Catherine
Blk 347A Adora Green



Dear Mr Wilson Teh and Mr John Foo

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks on the high level of professionalism and good service rendered by Leonard Chung Hiong Yee in your company. Prior to signing the contract, my husband and I had emphasized to Leonard that the project had to be completed on time as we had to move house urgently. We were initially skeptical by Leonard’s confidence as we had heard too many horror stories from other interior designer companies. However, my husband went ahead to sign the project with Rezt & Relax Mobili Pte Ltd as our background research shows that Rezt and Relax Mobili is an established and reputable company.

To our pleasant surprise, Leonard did not fail us throughout the project. Leonard was very patient and able to suggest some good, sensible and practical designs for my new house. He even acceded to my last minute minor request to a design change. He also continually kept us updated on the progress of the renovation works in our house. We even ‘pushed’ our luck by asking Leonard to complete the project a few days before the target completion date. Leonard was able to re-schedule some of the
renovation works so that the project was completed early – 3 days ahead of schedule.

This gave me enough precious time for a final cleaning and touch-up before moving to my new house. Having move house before, I do have my fair share of horror stories to tell about contractors that over-promise but under-deliver. I am sure that everyone finds moving house a very stressful affair. But Leonard Chung had made moving house a truly ‘rest and re lax’ experience for me. This is the FIRST time an interior design firm had exceeded my expectations.

I will definitely recommend Leonard Chung Hiong Yee from Rezt & Relax Mobili Pte Ltd to my friends and relatives in future.

Yours truly,
Mary Goh



Hi there,

I am writing to bring to your attention of your designer Leo of his professional and creative attributes which my hubby and I are confident that he will be a valuable asset to your company future growth.

The attentiveness that he serves his customers, listening to our needs despite our almost zero knowledge in home design and subtle creative input whenever needed which eventually creates a result that we have dream of.

Leo’s friendly and responsible approach has not only gained our trust in his suggestions but also delivering quality result eventually. Our friends and relatives have been complimenting the design concept and quality of work of our house whenever they visited us.

It has been almost 3 years since he has served us and yet, he still call, email and message us to enquire our well being and also the condition of his responsible work.

We like to thank you for developing such a credible and responsible employee, whom not only provides beautiful and working home design concept but help home owner like us realize our dream of owning a comfortable and beautiful home.

Sincerely yours,
Keng and Han



Good Day

My husband and I are the proud owners of a beaitifully renovated home, and we owe it all to Angeyln. She has been a delight to work with from the begining.

When we were looking around the home renovation fair at the Expo, we went to various booths with our floorplan to get a quotation, and I personally felt that none of them truly cared about my own ideas and were more interested in pushing thier own ideas to me. We were a bit wary of them as we have heard a lot of “horror stories” about contractors doing a bad job. When we got to the Rezt & Relax booth, we were greeted by Angelyn with whom we sat down with to talk about possible renovation ideas. I told her about my extreme dislike for the colour white, about my husband’s desire for a showcase cabinet for his model car collection etc. Angelyn was very friendly and accomodating to our ideas and requests.

Even though other companies got back to us with slightly cheaper quotes, we still chose to work with Angelyn. We really like how she listens to our wants and give suggestions or alternatives along the way. We can feel her dedication to her customers. Halfway through our renovation, we changed our minds on quite a few things, but she was enthusiastic about helping us make the change.

If I ever buy another house that needs renovation, I’m deffinately going to call Angelyn, because she made our current home so beautiful and she is a great person to work with. I know my house will be in good hands. I’m already recommending her to family and friends that have just got their houses and want to renovate their houses.

We wish her the best in her working endeavours.

Marian & Andre
Blk 619D Punggol Drive



Hi Wilson,

We would like to appreciate Angelyn for the professional help she gave us on the renovation works in our house. She is quite patient, good listener and her ideas are quite good in her recommendations. She is very professional and good to work with. We would also like to appreciate your carpentry, electrician, mirror and marble polishing partners for their help in the renovation. We will recommend Angelyn and your company to our friends.

Emerson and Lourdes
Satisfied owner of HDB Flat in Teck Whye




We wish to expressed our sincere Appreciation to Ms Wong for her good works in doing my house’s renovation recently.

Given that we required a tight schedule to complete the work, Ms Wong has actually handed-over the job slightly ahead of schedule.

Though there were some flaws, which are typical workmanship issues, Ms Wong has settled them promptly.

Very commendable !!

The only unhappines is that very difficult to get Discounts from her. By and large, me & my wife is very satisfied with your Company’s performance.

David Choo Kam Khuen



This is a review for my newly decorated home done up by Jason.

Overall, I am very pleased with the renovation job. Everything that we spoke about during the planning phase was delivered as promised and the quality of the work done is of a high standard.

Although things did not all go very smoothly, there were some delays along the way and things needed to be touched up here and there, ultimately, I was really very impressed with how dedicated and professional our ID Jason was.

Jason made himself very available, making time from his busy schedule to come down to oversee the project, meet with us and even walk through with us the selection of tiles, lighting and other home essentials.

He was also always upfront and honest with us whatever our query may be and takes it upon himself to see to make sure that we are satisfied.

What made us even decide to take up the contract with Rezt and Relax was also because of how he was able to convinced us with a home design that is creative, yet practical and affordable. Throughout the design process, he was very thoughtful in making sure that the house he designed for us would be a good fit for our lifestyle.

All in all, a job really well done! Thank you Jason and thank you Rezt and Relax!


Wen Qian Chong


This is a compliment for Mr Goh Jun Wei and Mr Bobby. We were introduced to Jun Wei and Bobby through our agent, Miss Karen Neo. Both Bobby and Jun Wei were in close communication with us from the start till the end of the project, and provided exemplar service for our minor reno works at our new condo. We were impressed with both the young men’s professionalism – their presentation, effective communication, prompt response and updates, and most importantly, their compassionate dealings with us.

They were both exceptionally meticulous with everything they did – from the quotation to the actual work – there were no stones left unturned – in all sense! We had more contact with Jun Wei during the actual work itself. Jun Wei made multiple trips to our place to take measurements, sign quotations and monitor the works – he was especially concerned not to trouble my pregnant wife. As we had to move out of Singapore before the reno work was completed, Jun Wei went the extra mile to take over full supervision of the reno works, help conduct a full defects checks at our unit after the reno was done, coordinate the other outstanding rectification and reno works that was needed to be done by the condo and other contractors, and finally handed over our property to our agent only when the house was fully ready – he took care of everything to the T!

Considering we were out of Singapore, he kept us updated on the progress throughout via WhatsApp. He is extremely customer-centric, and his leadership is impeccable. We left our home in his trusted hands, like we would do with our close family – considering that we have only known each other since March 2017!

I am glad we engaged Rezt and Relax for our reno, and as long as Jun Wei and Bobby are with the company, we doubt we would differ to any other design and reno company! My wife and I would strongly encourage our friends and family to consider these two gentlemen for their home design and reno needs. Thank you for an immensely satisfying customer experience! We wish you well.

Siva Gopal and Julie Chin
Hill View Rise


Dear Mr Wilson, My heartfelt thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by your employees, Senior Designer Bobby Ong and Designer Eugene Ng. We met Bobby at an open house exhibition somewhere in April 2016. The first impression for me is very important. Bobby was very forthcoming and friendly. Very vibrant and full of ideas. We also expressed some ideas of our own and he was not afraid to politely mention that one or two were not practical and went on to propose alternatives. It was on this trait that we decided to shortlist Bobby. The next few meetings we were quite impressive as well. Designs and colour schemes were all good and as discussed. I won’t dwell too much here as this was already an expectation of a good designer which he did not fail to impress on.

Fast forward to key collection date. Bobby was prompt and scheduled an appointment for the same day as key collection. All defects were checked and was filed with the BSC office. Towards the start of the works, Eugene was introduced to us. Eugene may seem not as experienced as Bobby but makes up a lot in his commitment to us. His timely updates on progress and confidence is excellent and showed us that he is very capable designer. It was these traits about him that we allowed him to make decisions such as colours, placement of bathroom accessories, wardrobe installation without consulting us. Both your designers have great attention to detail and great communication skills. Me and my wife are very happy with the service they provided. My first commendation to them is for their service.

Although we had a very informal and candid relationship, there was always a level of professionalism that was maintained. My second is for the outstanding design and work for the house where during my housewarming everyone was raving about how beautiful it was. This for me is the crown jewel. Mr Wilson, I can say this with confidence that if the rest of your team are like Bobby and Eugene, the company will do very well. I won’t hesitate to bring future clients to your establishment. Bobby and Eugene: Many thanks. You have my utmost gratitude and respect. Please feel free to show this mail to your future clients and they can call me anytime for a reference.


Blk 121C, Canberra Street

Dear Wilson,

Wanted to take a moment to recognise and applaud JJ Yang who has been our Interior Designer of choice when we bought our new house.

At first we were skeptical if JJ would spend enough time coordinating and ensuring the quality and level of detail that we had envisioned. The skepticism was due to him being a Senior Designer (assuming he would delegate only and we might land up with substandard and uncoordinated work). JJ was not only very professional throughout the contract sharing frequent updates, but also made it a pleasant experience (that is never heard of) by going through each and every detail with a lot of time spent with us (without hesitation) before and during the project. He never showed that he was getting frustrated with our prolonged indecisiveness (which is natural for new home owners who want a lot in limited budgets). The choice of designs, re-doing of art works, color recommendations etc. were spot on to our liking making it a journey very easy.

Its easy to pull the plug and say bye-bye post completion which i was hoping was not the case. JJ has been always very prompt and quick to help fixing defects and niggles post completion. He continues to live and set the standards very high which is very difficult for anyone to beat interms of service. I would give him a full 5 Stars for all aspects of the Contract (Pre, During and Post). Exceptional Experience!!!

Thank you Rezt n Relax for the good work and service provided to your customers. Look forward for a long term relation with many more engagements in future.

Best Regards,
Naresh Vemuri
Sant Ritz, Pheng Geck Avenue