Ultimate Interior Lighting Guide: Getting the Light Right

Are you trying to relax mind and body or just trying to stay focus? Do you want to highlight specific features of your room or is simply looking to light up the entire space evenly? Different rooms are suitable for different types of light fixtures. Usually rooms will take a combination of ambient, accent, and task lights.

Foyer / Entry ways

The foyer / entry ways should be well-lit for family and guest. The lighting is to ensure safe passage from the entry to other areas of your home. It’s necessary to provide a warm welcome lighting in this area. Tips:

– Avoid down lights which can be as of high contrast and shadowy.
– Use accent light on Artwork display.
– Consider track light to create a wall wash effect.
– Make sure the switches are easily accessible.
– Use LEDs to save money as these lights can last a long period of time.


It is important to keep your bathroom safe, functional yet with an aesthetic presentation, as they are like most of the other rooms. We recommend recessed lighting for your bathroom since it frees up space and provides a clean, glare-free lighting. Tips:

– Above the mirrors and sinks, with a pendant hung light from the ceiling or wall sconces.
– Make sure strong, neutral/cool light is directed towards where you are standing (in front of the mirror).
– If you have a bathtub, dimmable lightings over the head area will be a great addition.

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Kitchen is the center point for any home, it is used for a variety of tasks such as cooking, eating, working, cleaning and family bonding. You will need plenty of ambient lighting supplemented by some task light. For visual interest, you may add lighting in your ceiling to reduce shadows and glare. Tips:

– If you use kitchen a lot, consider energy-efficient light bulbs, just like LED light.
– Add multiple lights with separate controls for greater flexibility.
– Under-cabinet lighting such. as task lights for your counters can be a good additional options too.

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Dining Area

Dining area should be kept as one of the most comfortable area as this is the space that you may use it more often than other area. So invest in a good light fixture and control the illumination levels. Tips:

– Recessed and wall lighting can help highlight art and other decorations display.
– Wall scones can create a beautiful effect especially if they are installed on both sides of a decorative cabinet or walls.
– If you have track light or recessed light, aim the lighting towards the wall to create ambient lighting.
– Create layers of lighting with down lights and sconces.

Living Rooms

The Living area is usually where families spend the most time, it is in fact a family bonding space. Since majority of our waking up time is in the living room, it’s especially important to have a lighting scheme that works for you. Tips:

– Use wall washing for bookshelves and artwork to make the space seem more spacious and luxurious.
– Make sure that when you are installing the lights, you don’t have glare on the TV screen. Use dimmers and lower light levels for these areas.
– Downlights, accents and portable lights, combined with some ambient lighting can make your living room intimate and interesting.
– Use multiple lighting layers with dimmable light.
– Use portable lighting for more flexibility and control.

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Study Room / Home Office

Increasing number of people are working from home these days, which means that the home office / study room is taking on a higher importance and in the priority list to make it greater so you can be focused and be productive. Sufficient light for reading and other tasks is essential. Tips:

– Try to minimize glare, especially at the computer screens area.
– Use direct and indirect lighting to create bright, low-glare light.
– Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
– Cooler light (3000-5000K) is better for home office.
– Considering the importance of natural light, choose your office space wisely, as windows lighting ventilation can increase your health, happiness and productivity.


The Bedroom is an extremely important area to pay attention to, it usually consist of ambient lighting combined with task lighting for reading and other task. You may consider adding recessed light with dimmer controls on the bedhead / side table beside your bed. You will want to take several factors into consideration including the size of the room. Tips:

– Try to use lower wattage light bulbs.
– Make sure fabrics are far away from hot light bulbs.
– Use fluorescent light for Wardrobes.
– Create ambient light with downlight and pendant fixtures.
– Control glare for tasks like reading.
– Consider lights that can be changed from uplight to downlight.
– Use softer and shaded fixtures for sitting areas.
– Use direct lighting for Dressing table.
– Don’t install lights directly over the bed.

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General Interior Lighting Tips

– Make use of lighter colours and reflections to create the atmosphere you desire.
– Consider adding mirrors and reflective surfaces for a shinier and brighter appearance.
– Be wary of coloured light bulbs and where you place them affects the mood of your whole room.
– The lighting levels in your home is dependant on the amount of natural light that your space receives, take advantage of natural light whenever you can since it can have positive effects on your health and mood.
– Low light is better for producing a relaxing and calming effect.
– Use brighter lights for high-focus areas to encourage activity.
– Save money by replacing your incandescent lights with LED.
– Speak with a Professional to make sure you are using the right wattage for each fixture and your light combinations makes sense for your space.

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