The amount of light in a room can significantly effect a person’s mood. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a home that is filled with natural lighting. If you feel like your home is on the dark and gloomy side, it’s time to brighten things up.

It doesn’t need to be hard, or expensive – in fact, brighten and lightening up a home can be simple, you just need to know how that works.

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(1) Add some Lightings

Add a small lamp to a side table is a subtle way to introduce more light to any room / dark spaces. It is important for you to choose one that firs into the interior design and decorations. 

(2) Add Mirrors

The position of a mirror hanged on a wall opposite the natural light source can amplify the intensity of the light source and ensure it bounces off the mirror and provide twice as much brightness in the room / space. Mirrors can make a room look bigger too.

(3) Whiten and Brighten Your Ceiling

When reviving a dull and dark room, painting the ceiling with light or white colour. Professional painters use white to reflect light in a room. Darker colours on ceilings absorb the light and make living spaces look darker.

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(4) Choose lighter floorings

Your floor is the first things that most people will notice when they enter to your home. While dark flooring may make your room feel more contrasty and greater dynamic, they can also weigh it down and make it look less lively. Light colour rug may brighten the space. However, if budget meets, overlaying light coloured tile would be a good idea. 

If brightness is what you are seeking in the dark space, try the above tips. If you require further advice and Interior design services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 👉🏻 Let us help you with your Design! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

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