Top 9 Interior Design Trends in 2021

Home is the most important place in life of any person. Here we relax, work, boost energy, spend time with our loved ones and raise our children. Of course, when we take the time to consider what is happening right now, we must also consider the future. For example, what are the new needs and routines that will come along altogether to influence the design, art form and practical function. 

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We are sharing the Top 9 Interior Design Trend in 2021:

Trend 1: Natural materials

For many years, natural materials have not lost its relevance. Natural materials like wood and stone pair together perfectly in modern homes. 

Trend 2: Geometric shapes

There’s something rather wonderful about introducing geometric pattern to your homes, with its interlocking tessellating shapes. A sense of harmony and rhythm is achieved while being visually attractive. The best thing is geometric has never really gone out the architectural fashion. 

Trend 3: Personalisation and Self-Expression

It isn’t an easy task making a home look wow and awesome, but a particular lifestyle, expression of yourself and finding the balance between trend and decors that reflects who you are would help in making a greater home. 

Trend 4: Warm colours instead of cold

Knowing about the difference between a warm and cool colour can help you choose colour combinations more confidently. When you understand how the temperature affects the Interior, you can use this knowledge to design a colour scheme that works for you. 

Trend 5: Dark Kitchen

Dark colours trend are finally here & white is on its way out. Although white and light colour cabinets has been an impression of the classic look and is trendy throughout more than a decade. Dark Kitchen cabinets portray full-on elegance and a deep rich luxurious atmosphere that the other options just don’t. It adds a subtle dramatic essence and does not feel overpower in the space. Expect to see tons of black and darker colour shades in the Trendiest Kitchen of 2021. 

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Trend 6: Open Living

Open floor plans have dominated modern home design since they first appeared in the early millennial years. As part of the overall trend towards a more contemporary styling, open floor plans offer opportunities to take advantage of natural light. 

Trend 7: Joy & Happier Design

The secret to creating a happy home is to infuse it with all the little things that makes your happier and brings you joy. 

Trend 8: Statement Pieces

A Statement pieces adds character, a wow factor. Getting attached to one piece of furniture you absolutely love the most and adore, this may be a stunning piece combined with superb craftsmanship, making it a must-have iconic piece. 

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Trend 9: Little Luxuries

The so-called modern style Interior has gradually change, the trends of 2021 refer us to Elegant Luxury with Elements of Art Deco of the 20s of the last century.  The sophistication of the 20s coexists comfortably with the classics and contrasts that match perfectly with Minimalism Scandinavian style . 

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