Things to Let your ID know before Designing your Home

Designing a home is ain’t easy and can be challenging in different aspect during the process. Many homeowners task this responsibility to Professional Interior Designer to better understand their needs and want. To allow your Interior Designer to better understand your preferences, it is important that you’ve communicate and provide them with sufficient information.

We’ve round up the Top questions you should prepare and discuss with your Interior Designer and here’s also the explanation of why it is important for you to prepare these information.

(1) Any preferred theme or concept?
Designing sometimes is about understanding a goal, something you would want to achieve in the Interior space. For example, you would probably have a theme or concept in mind. It’s good to share it with your Interior Designer so together you can generate more ideas with your designer.

(2) Which Interior style do you like best?
If you’re unsure about the materials and texture, think about style. Show some visuals (possibly from online source) for your ID to know what you need or preferred.

Highline Residence - Condo

(3) Do you have hobbies or collectibles?
The goal of creating a customised Interior space is to achieve a truly personal space that is perfect for you to live in.

(4) What is your Budget?
Knowing how much you are willing to spend allows your Interior Designer to determine the possible materials and furniture options you can have for your home. This would help prioritise certain design elements to best meet your needs and want.

(5) How often do you cook?
A good kitchen design caters to the person who uses it. It may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t consider the personalisation for the end user. This determine how much space you need, what size are the appliances, how much storage is required and how to arrange the floor plan.

Tampines - HDB

(6) Do you have any Fengshui considerations?
If you believe in Fengshui, contact your Fengshui Master first before setting an appointment with the Professional Interior Designer. There could be many requirements depending on the Feng Shui needs of your house. Getting to know the requirements and guide will help you in planning your Home Interior space much smoothly.

(7) Occupants of the Home (How many and who?)
Interior designs for the needs of your family now and in the near future, helps you design and organise your home lifestyle around who you are and how you live. Therefore, it is important to let your Interior designer know who is living with you to best design what suits your family’s lifestyle.

(8) Do you have Pets (How many and which type of pets)
Pets can become playful at home, they may cause some damage to the home Interior and other things found insider your house. To make your home hazardous-free for both your pets, your family and your home Interior, the Interior Designer will need to work on designing a suitable home space that will be pet-friendly, scratch-proof and probably water-resistant items to be placed in your home.

(9) Do you often welcome Guest to your home?
If you often have friends coming over to your home, you may need more gathering spaces and seating options. Therefore, your ID will need to plan and incorporate more seating such a in-built benches and seats, based on your personal preferences.

(10) Do you have other specific requirements?
If you have something more in mind, don’t forget to bring it up to your ID, so he / she can incorporate your ideas into design and making it much Interesting.

Latitude - Condo

Once the Interior Designer have an idea of how the space should function, they can mesh those requirements with your desired aesthetic and atmosphere to create a concept for your space.

Have a quick chat with your ID and it can be the key to turn your Home design dreams into stunning reality. 👉🏻 Let us help you with your Design! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

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