Is your home a sanctuary for your pet? Here are 10 Pets-Friendly Interior Tips for you so you can transform your home to a “purrfect” and easy-to-maintain sanctuary for your pets:

1) Don’t buy expensive rugs.

Buying a pet-friendly rug is something that you need, don’t go all out to buy an expensive rugs as you won’t know when the misfortune will happen and whether you can clean it all up. Get rugs that is easier to wash, less pricey and not so heart pain to be thrown away. 

2) Skip wall-to-wall carpet.

Skip wall-to-wall carpet as it is difficult to keep it clean with pets. It’s worst when it comes to maintenance or even repair it. 

3) Choose hard surface floors.

Hard flooring are greater option for pets-friendly home, it’s easy to clean up and will not leave any odour after cleaning up, especially if your pets isn’t very discipline in toilet-training. 

4) Don’t decorate with Breakable knickknacks.

A pet friendly home must make special considerations for just how many accidents can happen around bushy tails and clumsy paws. Refrain breakable items lying around the house or reachable by your pets. 

5) No wooden furnitures

Anyone who has owned a four-legged pets would know most of them are quite inclined to chew on things, whether that it’s their toys, wire cables, or the corner of any wooden furniture that you might have. Consider changing your wood furniture for the ones with metal finish. 

6) Refrain filmsy Glass panels

The common mistake is to have flimsy or loose mechanism in your home space for pets. If you are planning to have Glass panels, or glass doors, you got to make sure it is sturdy and firm and prevent from any hazardous event from happening. 

7) Window Treatment

Who doesn’t love your pets sitting by the windows, watching the views and breathing fresh air. But wait, is it safe for your pets to do that? No matter if you’re staying on higher or low floor, having pets (especially cats) at home it is an important factors to refrain them from falling off the windows area. Installing of window grilles is necessary to keep your pets safe. 

8) Match carpet and upholstery to fur colour.

Think carefully about the fabrics you choose to upholster and how likely they are to gather fur. Opt for: Smooth tapestries, leathers and synthetic fibres. Invest in good quality textiles that will withstand the test of those claws or match the fabrics with similar colour to your pets fur. 

9) Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys.

Tidying toys can be a whole new challenge when it is in all sort of varieties, shapes and sizes. Find something that is easier to keep and can fit into your storage well. 

10) Use semigloss wall paint.

Use semigloss wall paint is the way to protect your walls from getting permanent stain, it is fairly durable and so much easier to clean compare to many other texture finishes. 

So whether you’re exploring into pawrent-ing or have a Family with Pets. These are some useful Tips and knowledge for a smoother renovating and home journey for you!

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