The Psychology of Interior Design and its Influence

When we discuss Interior design, we talk about the aesthetic aspects. For instance, how to achieve a specific look, which decoration style, any new design trend that you should check out. Many times, taking consideration regards your subconscious mind is being left-out, believe or not the choices that you make when you are deciding how your home will look have an effect on your emotions.

Colour Affects Mood

It’s no surprise that colour is one of the main component of how we experience things around us. Remember when choosing which colours to include in your interior, pick the three better ones that suits you or provide you with calmness. Choose a neutral colour for the largest walls or flooring, and pick a 3rd colour to make it a statement that stands out in your Interior. 

Punggol Field - HDB

Revealing your Personality

After deciding the colours, it is time to decide how you want to fill in the space. From seating arrangements to artefact, and to any other furnitures plays an important role to combine and blend into your own style that brings joy to you. A few questions to consider:

• Function: Will this item fit your needs? Is the dining table big enough to be used by your whole family? Will this sofa fit in to the Living space?

• Exchange: Is this item worth the price? Would you rather have this high-end bed for $XXX or a whole set of living room furniture for the same price?

Symbolic: Does this item have an emotional attachment? Did you choose to buy a collection of Artefact, or just hang some family photos?

Utilise Feng Shui to Give Your Home Good Energy

An awesome way to bring good energy inside your home is to utilise Feng Shui. The entryway is vital in Fengshui, so make sure your entranceway is clean, bright, and welcoming. Decorating this area the right way can attract loads of good luck and dispel negative vibes. 

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