15 Stunning-Looking Master Bedroom in Singapore Take a look at these Master Bedroom Ideas to create your ultimate stunning Master Bedroom suite. We’re firm believers that your Bedroom should be your Sanctuary away from stress in Life, outside your home. An inviting Bedroom allow you to be relax, cosy and calm.

1) All the best boutique hotel Bedrooms use clever lighting to create a sense of mood. Maximising the Bedroom’s Mood Lighting is one of the way to transform a humble bedroom into a soothing sleep sanctuary. Looking amazing from the soft ambient lighting to pop of orangey-brown wooden flooring.

Kismis Residences - Landed

2) Choose a cohesive colour scheme and a combining style to create a greater atmosphere, from cabinet’s lamination to wall coverings and soft furnishing.

East Coast - Landed

3) Start with a luxury mattress, choose one that is with as many springs as possible, so you can simply sink into it while remain supported. Choose plump, wool pillows and encase them in cool crisp cotton. Opt for cotton bed linen to maximize the breathable wonderful qualities of the wool. Finally, Make your bed the centerpiece in your room, like how the hotel’s bed always achieves that awesome effect!

East Coast - Landed

4) When looking at Master bedroom ideas, Lighting is a big player. It is important in the bedroom’s lighting, it provides convenience and mood to do whatever you need in your bedroom; whether it’s curling up on that gorgeous chair or reading a book that sets the mood well.

Punggol - HDB

5) Do a serious declutter so when you walk into the Luxury bedroom space, the most pleasing thing is the “lack of stuff” around. Recreate your Master bedroom with sufficient storage spaces and maximise the space you’ll be less likely to need storage area.

Henderson - HDB

6) Highlight some of your favourite trinkets to make the space more unique.

Marine Drive - HDB

7) Make Sophisticated Floor to Ceiling Headboard come true, this also extend past confining of the bed, making the bedroom space feels larger.

Bukit Batok St 22 - HDB

8) Hide storage, hide rooms; the hidden way makes your home look sleek. You can conceal just about anything with wood panels, feature wall or closet doors. For a sleek look in your Master Bedroom space, create a continuous stretch of space by having a consistent look.

Parc Imperial - Condo

9) If you are finding a quick and refreshing way to revamp your Bedroom, start with the state-of-art. Creating the space you need and best suit your personality and lifestyle as much as you can. It’s a good idea to choose a design style that makes you feel good, sparks positive mind.

Hillington Green - Condo

10) Your Bedroom setting is vital to getting consistent sleep. Believe it or not, a Dark bedroom can be a perfect set-up for a Good night’s rest. It can feel soothing to enter a Bedroom that’s designed and surrounds with a dark colour palette. Get ready to embrace the dark side.

3-Room HDB at Tampines

11) A contemporary bedroom provides plenty of opportunities to Spice up decorations with touches of personality. As such a contemporary bedroom that may sound cold and sterile can be result in an incredibly inviting, vibrant colours, soft texture and warm ambience modern design space.

Hillington Green - Condo

12) Adding visuals to the ceiling will take eyes off of how small the room really is. If you have the option, enhance your ceiling to make your room seem bigger than it really is.

13) What’s better than not having clutter? Check out this room with Plenty of storage space for anything you want out of the way lying around in your Bedroom.

Punggol Field - HDB

14) Large bed makes a room look bigger, here’s a great example. This room is without a doubt small, the fact that this huge bed is here and making the rooms appear to be rather large.

High Park Residence - Condo

15) Light up the Accent Wall; aside from its functionality, lighting accessories are essential to enhance the Master Bedroom.

River Isles - Condo

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