Design is critical for a small and awkward shop layout, this space at City Gate, Beach Road is given a second chance in our hands to be awesome again.

The brand, Peachy Skin Bar is fulfilled to be a re-imagination of a typical facial shop experience, they provide professional facials with a chic twist and envision an intimate dreamy space for their customers to immerse themselves in the environment.

First impression of the Shop space is often the most important and foremost experience for the customer. This welcoming bar-alike countertop finished in marble, gives a sense of opulent, sophisticated modern vibes.

Additionally, the waiting area is especially cozy and comforting making it a relaxing and calming entrance experience for their customer.

The options for Interior store design are usually limitless as the imagination can be. Interior design has many decorating styles with distinct straits, in this shop the theme and imagination are to suit the branding essence along with its practical requirements.

Our Creative Designer Lucas Ong uses pink curtains to match with the client’s branding as well as to give a soft touch to the surrounding. It’s a sweet concept that no one would ever deny.

As the Founder of Peachy Skin Bar, Crystal mentioned Lucas did a great job in executing her vision perfectly. The shop has become more spacious while applying the correct Aesthetic details such as Materials, Space segmentation, Lighting, and colour tones.

Decked out in a loveable space filled with Peach pink colour, you will be blown away by this dreamy ambience in this unconventional Facial Shop, designed to match the Founder’s shop concept and vision.

Come on down to Peachy Skin Bar for a new Beauty experience.

Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Lucas Ong

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