Interior Renovations: Before and After from Plain to Perfect

There’s nothing more relaxing than looking at before and after pictures of Interior houses. Home owners looking to have their flats renovated will have to consider if they’re willing to hack existing wall down to make their home space even better.

Take a look at this home’s Kitchen area at Euro-Asia Park, here’s how we tackle space constraint without loosing its aesthetic is removing the unnecessary existing wall. Having the wall hacked, we bring in not just the choice of having a better layout and space. The extra benefits of removing the wall would be making the space brighter light and improving its ventilation.

Take a peek at this large and spacious open Dining and Living room with high ceiling at Landed at Nim Collection.

With an irregular layout, designing this bedroom space can get tricky. We ensure that the bedroom’s flow is not disrupted and giving its balance aesthetic. A good designer must be detail-oriented so every space, design and detail can be made perfect.

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