How to Optimize your Home Space Beautifully

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How to Optimize your Home Space Beautifully

The typical HDB flat these days are indeed smaller in size than what it was like 20 or 30 years ago. These are some pointers on maximizing the creative the potential of our living space. Here’s how you can make your home more spacious, at the same time beautiful:

1. Go Light or Dark

Choose Interior colour based on the mood and theme you want, for a different home experience. Create classy look with either the Dark or Light colour, lighter colours will open up a room to make it feel bigger, while darker colours will make the space feel smaller. However, playing with various elements and combinations may make the room feel very different. 

2. Play with Contrast with Furniture

Combining relatively with contrast allow us to understand the values of the opposing elements in the Interior spaces. Create contrast using colours such as complementary colour scheme, or ultizes two tones on opposite of one another of the colour wheel chart. This will create a stronger impact in your Interior space. 

Kismis Residences - Landed

3. Pay attention to scale of Furniture

It is crucial to consider the scale and size of the furniture and objects placed in a room. These can affect space scaling make the space feel larger, or smaller. For example, a tall object such as a book shelf can give the illusion of height. 

4. Store Things in Hidden Storage Spaces

With the right strategies, it’s easy to live in small space and store well at the same time. To maintain a cleaner and neat look, utilise hidden storage that keeps things out-of-sight/ 

The Viridian - Condo

5. Work on Multipurpose space

When you have limited home space, you want to make sure every space you have, has many or multiple functions that would save space. In that way your compact space serve multiple activities especially essential when you work from home most of the time. 

6. Keep Decor Minimal 

It’s easy to let things pile in your home without you noticing. We are often so caught up in the day, and when we have time to sit-down and take a look in our space. We may realised the overflowing pile of knick-knacks lying around the home space. Declutter, and organise and make sure you keep decor minimal as to make sure you are still able to see the table surfaces clear. 

East Coast - Landed

7. Play with Mirrors

Mirrors reflective surface creates a fantastic illusion that increase the size of the room. It will bounce around environment lighting, be it natural or artificial, making it feel a lot lighter, brighter and very much airy. 

8. Combine two rooms 

Sometimes what your housing unit layout comes with does not exactly be what you need, or want. That doesn’t stop you from getting what you want or stuck in a space that is not useful to your lifestyle. Combining of two rooms into one is pretty common and trendy at this point, be it a condo, resale or a BTO HDB. Hack your way and you might be surprise what combining of spaces can do, making your Interior a whole new level to optimising your space larger. 

9. Carpets and Rugs should be Large

In a living space, your carpet and rug defines the conversation area. No matter which carpet or rug you opt for, it should be wider than your sofa on either side. 

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