There are multiple tricks to make a small room look bigger, something along the line with choosing colours of the room space, choosing a larger rug, using natural lights, and more.

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Here are our Top Tips to making a Small Room looks Bigger:

(1) Use Hidden Storage
It’s a never-ending battle for storage space for home, with smaller homes and condos maximizing your storage space is even more important. Making your storage blend in easily with the Interior design is just as important to create space within.

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(2) Use Colour Contrast
For a small space, using dark colours can make a space feel premium and bold compare to a lighter colour. Dark colours can actually make a small space seem larger, depending on how you ultilize it.

Having high contrast surroundings in your room / home adds a whole new dimension, enhancing the impression of depth.

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(3) Hang Floor to Ceiling Curtains
Even the smallest living space looks more spacious and stylish when you install the curtains at the correct height. 

(4) Use Rugs to define the Spaces
Most people have at least one small area or room in their home that they wish it was bigger. There are ways to achieve bigger space through using decorative elements such as Rug. Choosing the right rug or carpet is important and it helps making the space feel big by using a bigger rug.

(5) Use Natural Light
It’s not just about our moods, you can make small spaces seems much spacious with Natural Lighting.

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(6) Opt for Sofa and Armchairs that are with raised legs
Get Sofas and Armchairs with raised legs. It helps in allowing warm light and air ventilation to flow through. 

(7) Include mirrors in the space
To let light in, or reflect, simply place a mirror near or opposite the window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room. So the bigger the mirror is, the brighter the space, therefore the spacious it is.

(8) Use Lighter ceiling colour
Paint ceiling white and using lighter colours can make a room appear to be larger.

Last but not least, you should also try to keep your decorative items and knick-knacks minimum, so most of the surfaces at home looks neat, clear and much spacious.

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