How to create your own Home Theater in Singapore?

Home Theaters are no longer only for the rich and famous. Thanks to more affordable technology these days, many families are truly enjoying themselves at home with their home movie theater experience. If you are thinking about setting up a home theater too, here are some Great tips to walk you through:

1. Locate the Home Theater Room in a Dedicated Space.
Ideally having a room that has the least windows would be the best option. In order to get the best acoustics, the shape of the room is a consideration. Choose a rectangle shaped room is the best option for good sound quality within the home theater.

2. More than just Ambient Light.
When it comes to lighting, plan for the best experience. Home theater lighting is more than just ambient lighting. Home theater lighting can comes in many form. For the overhead lights it can be dimmed and the cove or column lighting can be soft for the ambient.

3. Plan for Proper Seating.
When determine how many seats are required in your home theater it is good to think about how many can the sizing of the room space fits. As well as the viewing angles should be between 36 and 50 degrees for the display to fill in the viewer’s field of vision.

4. Make sure the sound is Good
Using the right speaker is important, as the wrong ones in your home theater will spoils it all. Do not use speakers with a single soft or metal dome tweeter. Multi-tweeter arrays are cool, compression drivers on horn are better.

5. Build a Proper A/V Component Rack, with proper ventilation
A Home theater setup can easily lead to tangles mess of wires, this is something you’ll want to avoid. Build a proper A/v Component rack so it makes it easier to find which cable is going where when you need to troubleshoot a problem or swap out a component later on. Ideally, you will need to leave a space for ventilation as the heat needs to go. Too much heat build-up can shut down the whole system or be hazardous in the home.

6. Make the Home Theater look like a Cinema
A dedicated home theater room is a room solely dedicated to watching videos on a big screen. This mean that this room does not involve in other types of activities. Making it solely for Movie purpose and decorate it as one helps you enjoy your experience even better.

7. Limit Reflective Objects
The things you put in a theater room play a big role in how a room sounds and feel, try to keep the reflective decorations to a minimum.

9. Use Darker paint for wall and ceiling
To make the cinematic footage in your theater room really pop, you’ll want a dark colour for both the walls and ceiling. Let the room colour brings the attention and focus back to the screen.

8. Add a Drop-down Movie Screen
A great projector screen can enhance the movie magic and truly immerse you into a unique viewing experience. For bright-room viewing, more sophisticated, engineered Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) materials with multiple layers of optical elements will actively direct the projector light back to the viewers while rejecting ambient light. 

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