The most expensive thing you can probably buy in Singapore is probably your home. If you’re looking to renovate your house after that, what would the cost and budget you can expect in improving the quality and value of your home as well as not over-spending it?

Whichever situation you are in, it is a good start to understand the average cost of a home renovation in Singapore. To help you see how much you may need to spend, where all your money goes and how you can keep your budget reasonably low, here’s our guide to Renovation costs in Singapore.

How much does a Home Renovation cost in Singapore?

It’s a tough question to answer as you may need to consider multiple factors, besides the age & condition, type of materials, and amount of work you want it to be done can make the prices vary from one end to another. Ultimately, the cost of renovation depends on:

-Type of Home: Is this an HDB, Condo, or Landed house? Does it already come with existing fittings?

-Age & Condition: Is it for a Brand New BTO home, or is it for a decade-year-old Resale flat? The extent and type of renovation work are one of the factors to consider.

-How much work is to be done: Are you the “more” or “less” kind of person, do you want to hack everything and build your dream home from scratch? Or remain all walls and build it from the existing layout?

>Hacking means tearing down walls, and sometimes needs to consider the rebuilding of walls and touching up of walls. The labour cost depends on the wall size, thickness, and how much hacking needs to be done.

>Masonry is the work involved in erecting a new wall or patching up an old one. Masonry also includes the flooring, tiling, and wet works, and the cost of it is determined by the area size and the labour effort.

>If built-ins are your kind of thing then you’ll need to set aside a budget for Carpentry. The cost for customization works depends on the amount of workmanship and the size area needed.

>Other possible works involve: Renovating fixtures such as beams, and partitions, and even adding false ceilings with lighting. Plumbing works, including installing water closets and basins. Painting the walls, and ceilings. Electrical work covers things like installing ceiling fans, lighting points, and light fixtures.

Type of materials: The cost of your renovation will be heavily influenced by the quality and type of materials you select. For example, heavy wood doors, marbled bathrooms, and granite countertops give your home a refined look but can also blow up your budget if you’re not careful.

-The ID firm you choose: Who you choose plays a big role in how much your final bill would be. Be it a Renovation Contractor or an Interior Designer, choose one that suits your needs, read more about it, click here.

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