Do you struggle with how to decorate your open shelving at home? Learn the art of placement so you can decorate your shelves and have them beautifully decorated.

1. Keep things meaningful

If you’re not sure what to showcase on the shelves. First, consider what you love and what adds meaning to your home, interest, and lifestyle. This shelving space can be a space that reflects your everyday lives, it can be a memory lane from vacation items or any other meaningful collection that you may have considered.

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2. Combine Decorative items with Books

Unite your shelf displays by grouping items and books by theme, colour, shape, texture, material, or even under the same interest. However not really by sizes, in fact, you can mix different sizes and heights to make it a little contrasty (as mentioned below on point 3).

3. Create different Heights

A big shelf display does not need items to be placed at the same height. Instead, to get out of the flat and boring look, you have to mix different heights so you can add contrast and keeping the eye traveling around the shelves.

In addition to height, you can consider depth when decorating shelves.

4. Use Big Artwork or Prints as the Accent piece

The artwork is commonly an overlooked accessory that works wonders on any shelvings. It adds personality even with a simple artwork piece. Artwork often draws the eye to the back of the shelf allowing a more visually layered depth.

5. Use different textures and finishes

Texture and finishes are great elements coming to mind when styling shelves. Play around with the sense of touch, mix hard items with soft & smooth items. You may also add plants to give your shelf not only another layer of texture but a bit of life too!

6. Follow a Colour Theme

It is important to have a clear and consistent colour palette when styling shelves. You can plan to have 1-3 main colour tones as the theme for the objects to be placed, in additionally adding metallic decorations helps to make the shelves looks complete and effortlessly sophisticated.

7. Think in triangles

Know the importance of balance when styling shelves, because shelves offer a lot of space. The balance and visual weight play a big part in making it aesthetically good. When styling shelves, some large sculpture pieces can stand alone while smaller sculptural items should be group up or serve as an accent decoration to a stack of books. Placing Books and items, at the same time leaving space in between the two objects helps the visual to look less cluttered. Always think triangle for its composition displayed on your shelving.

If there are two of the same designed shelvings alongside each other, they should look and feel symmetry so it can balance its visuals well.

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