If you think Gold is too daring and bold, and very much afraid to mix it in your home. It’s time to think again, decorating with metallics, especially sheen and shine of gold is super trendy right now and It’s easy to slide it into your home with just a few simple Tips away:

(1) Chandeliers
Lighting delivers a soft sheen’s mood adding a hue ambiance enhancing design in your home space. A beautiful ceiling Chandelier light shade with a wonderful gold accent can add that extra detail making your house shine and fashionable beautifully. 

RiverGate Condo

(2) Shimmering Paints / Wallpaper
A dramatic new look in paint lets you create a metallic effect on the wall details. Unlike usual interior paint, you can bring trendy, tasteful gold, into your room space. Both gold paints and gold textured wallpaper works in this case. 

(3) Table Legs & Frame
Get some durable gold legs attached to your furniture, be it a chair or table. Make it glamorous in any way it can be. 

Gramercy Park - Condo

(4) Gold Knick Knacks Accessories
Looking to enhance your Home Decor? Use some gold and shiny Knick Knacks Accessories as you create that gold trendy detail in your Home space. 

(5) Gold Hardware
Gold accents are a hot trend that is also a classy elegant piece that makes your interior classically stylish.  Consider adding gold accents to your home through gold and brass hardware such as the kitchen’s fixture that is not being too flashy. 

(6) Gold Accent Curtain & Fabrics
Add some golden tones to your Interior by setting a splash of warm, bright, yellow, or gold tones to your Interior spaces on the soft finishes. 

(7) High-Class Trims & Motifs
There are very high-end luxurious sheen motifs on the floor and walls, settee, and more. The stunning modern exotic resort design is something you may consider. 

(8) Brass Knobs
Jumpstart by replacing your knobs, with vintage-looking brass knobs, or golden ones. 

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