4-Room Resale HDB Transformation: Renoking’s Joanna Modern Minimalist Home

Check out how we’ve completely transformed this 1151 sqft 27-year-old 4-Room Resale HDB home for Renoking Celebrity Influencer Joanna!

Upon entering the home space, there is a full-height cabinet with a black framed frosted glass door that hides all the shoe clutter and the DB box next to the entrance.

The entrance cabinet is aligned with the wall and windows in the living area as well as the extra cabinet under the Windows. Previously, it was with window grilles and the makeover made it grille-less, open, and modern. The Day and Night smart curtains from Lucky Khoon, make the space warm with a soft touch.

Separating the Dining area from the Kitchen by having a classic and sleek Matt Gold framed Glass Sliding door from Oculus Collective. Hanging out with Family & Guest, watching Netflix, relaxing, chatting, and eating together here in the Dining area can be indulgent too.

When the Sliding door is fully opened, it is flushed together and it’s seamlessly slim and gorgeous. Having said that, the Kitchen can be of a closed-concept while the door is closed, and an open-concept kitchen while the door is fully opened.

In the Kitchen, a wall oven is a great option to maximize the space in the Kitchen compared to two separate surfaces needed for two different ovens on the countertop. Additionally, tall Kitchen cabinets can create a high-end built-in look, as well as create extra storage spaces for the homeowner.

The kitchen is Joanna Mother’s heaven, with convenience switches and sockets neatly designed on the Pelmet. Matching up with the strikingly simple, timeless modern aesthetic in this Kitchen space.

Staying sleek and spotless with the fingerprint-resistant laminates by Arova Singapore. Along with the Popular choice countertop; Sintered stone is versatile at the same time affordable and beautiful.

As you may see in Aiken’s house tour, we’re using Excel Hardware in this Kitchen as well. These internal hinges as well as the soft-closing cabinet door allow it to be “slammable” without the worry of future maintenance. Having a piece of mind slamming away!

The toilet and the service yard area is separated by a black framed frosted glass door in between the Yard and the Kitchen for privacy purpose. Matching a similar tone as the Kitchen’s countertop, the countertop above the Washing Machine at the Service yard is also Marble-looking in design.

Embracing Wabi-Sabi Lifestyle and philosophy in Joanna’s Bedroom. While Living with humility, and simplicity, finding beauty in imperfection in the space within.

We’re using Oculus Collective for the sleek-aesthetic wardrobe door, inside the left corner of the wardrobe is a hidden Dressing Vanity. Keeping it unseen when it’s not used, makes the room space feel unclutter and neat.

We’ve included the recessed LED lighting for a soft touch on the false ceiling of both Joanna’s and her sister’s room. The beautiful classic-looking Hera Smart Switch is a specialist-tailor home automation product by Koble.

Entering Joanna’s sister’s room welcomes you into a mini-walk-in wardrobe with a Dressing Vanity that can also be used as a Working Desk.

A Touch of Industrial vibe, piling in an extra layer of comfort with a texture that is concrete-accent. The room is surrounded by concrete colour and cream white tones, a consistent palette of cool, simple uncluttered design.

Enhancing the space additionally with both Shiok Lighting as well as XingFloors, creating a better comfortable environment for the Home users.

(View Master Bedroom’s Design in this Video: 22:31s)

This project is done by Designer Angelyn Wong+Emily Goh

https://www.instagram.com/joannalhs/ |


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