After much anticipation, here’s a Home Tour of Night Owl Cinematics Aiken Chia’s Dream Home, the Bachelor Pad!

It’s our Honour to be able to makeover NOC Celebrity Influencer Aiken Chia’s House.

Do you believe this 656 sqft 3-rm HDB flat is already 37-year-old?

Aiken House Renovation

A masculine vibe with a touch of feminity, this Modern Industrial home has been creatively designed to maximize every single space with many hidden storages to keep the house well organized.

Aiken House Renovation

Next, Crafting a Classic Black, Grey, and White Kitchen. A monochromatic piece ties it all together in this Kitchen.

Aiken House Renovation

We totally love the beauty of the open kitchen with white shelvings with herringbone wall tiles at the back. These Bright display shelves are the best way to store and display Kitchen essential items and decorations.

Aiken House Renovation

Can you spot the wall tiles by @hafary in this photo? Clue: Behind the Mirror + OOTD wall in the bathroom.

We absolutely love how the @admira CERARL series transforms space into stunning masterpieces that endure the test of time. Especially Awesome in wet areas such as the bathrooms with their waterproof laminate materials.

Aiken House Renovation

It has been a pleasure to work on this project. It touches us to see how beautifully it has been done up and put a smile on both Aiken and his mum’s faces. We are thankful for the Great Review!

By watching this Testimony video, you’ll also get-to-know how “slammable” are the @excel_sg‘s soft closing cabinet door without any trouble for maintenance. Have a piece-of-mind while slamming away!

Aiken House Renovation

Not forgetting about the beautiful Wireless Kinetic switch by @ganenasia, it’s especially good for your dream smart home along with the flexible @line8powertracks, which lets you reposition power sockets anywhere you want. Last but not least, the Modern sleek clean looking lights are done by @solluminaire.

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