Hiring a Professional Interior Designer is perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about making the most of your Home or when you’ve messed up with your DIY and want someone to come and fix it.

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The Incredible benefits of hiring a Professional Interior designers, is that they are trained to help you make the most of your space. Their trained eye can see beyond your ideas and anticipation. It’s also how they manage to extract everything that you envision about your space and bring it to life in a way that meets or even surpassing your expectation. So you can re-assure while waiting for your Dream home coming true. 

Apart from setting your budget and making firm decision in what you would think you want for your home. Here are some the 12 Decorating secrets only a Professional Interior Designer will tell you:

(1) Decorate with Mid-size of larger Plants
A way of crafting and curating the inside of the house, away from structures is to add green into the Interior. Beyond the aesthetic value, having plants in your home improves air quality, energize the environment and lowering of stress level unconsciously. Literally, it adds life into the space.

(2) Hang Interesting Pendant Light
Never underestimate little details, just like Pendant lightings. If you’re hanging an interesting design with the correct height and size. It will definitely give the aesthetic a punch.

(3) Choose a consistent Colour Palette
Colour schemes in interior design are extremely important as it organise the colour choices placed throughout the home space. These colours and their combinations can create different types of mood, enhance a particular style. Therefore, it can also influence how a person experiences a space / room. 

(4) Adopt an Open Layout Interior Design
It’s often said that an open floor plans have many more advantages when it comes to space, and it’s planning of the interior flows. On the other hand, closed layout may make areas feel smaller and unable to maximize space as it possible could be when it’s in the open layout.

Open concept makes rooms flow together well, decorating the space with similar or monochromatic colour scheme makes the space looks cohesive altogether.

(5) Mix Old and New Decor
Mix it up, the antiques, the vintage, contemporary and modern. If you have ever struggled with how to mix these timeless pieces together in your home decorations. Keep in mind that the priority is to keep the space inviting and unique.

(6) Reflect Your Personality in your Home
Creating a beautiful space of your own, can be often define in many ways. Forget the picture about that perfect home that is seen only in Magazines and Media. Instead think about creating a room that reflects your personality, values, interest and your lifestyle flow. To achieve, a home that is best for you, you need to feel right at home.

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(7) Use Artwork to give Life to a Space
Interior Designer with fine arts background would find artwork at its most exclusive spot in the space to enhance both the space and the art-piece. Artwork can often make or break a space, be sure to hang an art-piece which can be reflected in your furniture choices. Such as matching colours, not overly vibrant artwork, neutral colour and having art-pieces that keeps the eye moving through the space. Be sure it’s as of a balance scale and texture.

(8) Add some Eye-catching Shine
Unleash your inner artist while decorating your home, eye-catching elements will bring a higher value to your aesthetic.

(9) Paint the Walls
There may be one or two selected wall in your home where you want to make it stand-out from the rest. This can be painted in different popping colours or it can be painted in patterns of your likings.

(10) Make ceilings look higher with Tall Furnitures
There are way more tips for visually raising your ceiling in homes. The easiest and effective way would be placing tall Furnitures in your Interior space.

(11) Invest in Upholstery
One of the cosy way to make your home extra comfortable as well as aesthetically good-looking is to add some soft touch of Upholstery.

(12) Make Sure it all Fits well
When it comes to decorating or redesigning your home space, the first step is to identify your style and inspiration. You need to know what you want, what your budget is, and the amount of how this customer home fits your lifestyle and design aspect. Designing a home is not easy for many homeowners, if you’re planning to renovate, design and decorate your house for the first time, 👉🏻 Let us help you with your Design! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

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