There are many ways to style a home, you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you love the clean look of Scandinavian-style home, incorporate this home aesthetic into your own home space by adding functional yet stylish furniture and carpentry, unique design decoration pieces and lots of natural elements.

Marine Drive - HDB

A lighter colour palette is most preferred in Scandinavian-style home, you’ll also see a darker tone or colour that goes along as contrast that balance the visual in the space. Take a peek into these modern and stylish Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore for your home inspiration.

1) Natural Sunlight

This HDB BTO unit at Punggol exudes the ambience of a almost-mostly white home that is decorated with unique furnishing, giving a comfortable look.

Punggol - HDB

2) Colour

Keeping most of the walls white is also one of the key in Scandinavian-style home as it helps reflect more light and making the home appear to be brighter. Some of the best colours used in Scandinavian is White, Black, Grey, Wood Brown and Plants Green.

3) Less is More

This is about buying less and buying better, less is more. Getting rid of visual clutter by embracing the “less is more” attitude minimalist styles creates a smooth flow throughout the home and lining well with Scandinavian thereafter.

East Coast - Landed

4) Greenery

Green on walls and plants standing on the floor brings Interior to life. Plants have become one of the most popular Scandi character in home space because of its low cost, simple maintenance and the beautiful nature.

5) Wood Accent

Wood is often incorporate into Scandinavian design through many different surfaces such as the wall panels, flooring, tables, decorative items and more… The wooden accents can set a stylish look for your home yet remain as a simple aesthetic that is not overwhelming.

East Coast - Landed

6) Welcoming Texture

Scandi-interior design is a minimalistic style that adds a blend of textures and soft hues for feeling warm and inviting. An inviting room is made up of interesting range of textures and patterns that is simply unique and matches your preferences at the same time.

7) Clean Lines Furniture

Scandinavian furnishing features clean-looking aesthetic lines and shapes, while these clean lines interior can be thought for minimalist and modern design. This characteristic brings unclutter scene and style to the next level.

Henderson - HDB

8) Simple & Functional

Everything has its place at home, every little object was specifically placed in the home for some reason… be it if it’s a practical decoration arrangement or putting it where you would want to find it when you need it. If it’s a practical decoration, it have to be at least eye-catching and comfortable to look at yet not too overwhelming.

Punggol - HDB

9) Extending Dining Table

Number one rule, your dining table has to fit your dining area and you need to account for space around it too. If you have a bigger Dining area, it is a perfect choice to maximize your layout so you can keep the proportion in balance.

Style your Dining area and make it a statement in your Home. Make your Dining room more modern and stylish, create a cozy seating space if you spend a lot of time enjoying food over the table and bonding with your family in this area.

10) Sharp Contrast

Contrast is a factor of great importance in interior design. Contrast can also be a problem at times, it must be skillfully plan and use. When it is skillfully applied it becomes a source of beauty.

Punggol - HDB

Scandinavian Interior design is especially popular in HDB and Condominium. The sleek natural elegance has graced so many Home units with its touch of comfort and coziness. Let us help you with designing your Scandinavian home. 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

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