We’re in the era when remote work has somehow become our new norm in our daily life. Besides having good lighting for our zoom’s meeting at our home office, most of us would choose to show a much presentable side or corner of the house or home office space.

Lighting have such a fantastic impact to any room, fixtures can help bringing the room becoming more prominent, incorporating metallic details adds a trendy contemporary look to the space.

Here are some Great and Simple Tips on how you can create your Ultimate Home Office’s Background for your upcoming Zoom meetings.:

1. Built-in Cabinet Background

If you are ready to dedicate a room for your home office, craft a built-in cabinet and desk fitted exactly to your space and needs. Customized cabinets are hand crafted by Professionals, as a result more care and time is invested into the pieces making it not just much durable but meeting your aesthetic requirements.

2. Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper, also referring to wall-covering. It is a cost-efficient way to change your Interior. Your home office can be a great place to experiment with textures, colour and design.

3. Stay Clutter-free

Maintaining a Clutter-free Home Office is equivalent important as maintaining a Clean Desk for a much productive space for work from home. Consider hiding visible wires from printer, laptop, and other gadgets as it is gives an untidy overall look in the home office. You definitely deserve a home office that is inspiring, elegant, quirky and keep you motivated.

4. Avoid Backlight

Getting the lighting right is essential. For a decent lighting, you’ve to avoid harsh backlight as it will cover your face with dark shadow and disturb your audience. On the other hand, there may be unnecessary sun ray which you would want to avoid.

5. The 3-Colour Rule

There is a standard equation that works best when choosing room colours. 60% being the main room colour, 30% being the secondary colour and the remaining 10% being the accent colour. Not only does colour contribute to the overall design but it also affects emotion. Create a home office with a cohesive look that flows and blend well throughout is important.

6. Add some Shine

There are plenty of ways to style your office space, from dark to bright and to the ones that gives a little more shine and texture. Everything that adds together motivates and inspires you so you can be more productive in your Home Office.

7. Add Rug for Texture

If you’re an design enthusiast and always looking out for home decorations then you’ll have heard the old say about adding texture into your home space. Rugs define or separate areas, such a reading corner to your home office’s desk. It helps create harmony and texture in the big picture.

8. Add a Statement Piece

A statement piece often add character, a wow factor to a space. It also can be a conversation starter when you enter the room.

9. Natural Elements

Bring Life into your home office with greenery, such as green plants. A Lice plant can do more than just decoration in your home office. Greenery can help increase productivity and make you feel happier and calmer while you work.

Whether you’re trying to arrange a “just eye-catching enough” background for your Zoom meetings or want to spruce up things that makes you happy in the home office space. We hope you can find some Great Tips here that help you along. May you need any Professional Interior Design help, 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

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