Yew Mei Green Condo Designed by Alex Tan+Fanny Chung

The Living space is perhaps one of the most challenging places to fill with shiny ornaments. Filling home spaces with gold, brass to copper tones, shiny metallic textures can make the space look eclectic vintage, and tastefully classy.

(Estimate Renovation cost: $100k)

Small details with gilt edges can give the impression of glamour, it can truly have an expensive look when using and matching it right. In this Living space in this Condominium, we’ve muted and filled the space with neutral earth tones, bringing a sense of elegance, so it will not be too overwhelming.

Colours may pull relaxing vibes for the Living space, the homeowner’s choice of home theatre system enhance it better.

The Dining area makes the Living space feels way bigger with its large Dining Table for 6 seats. The Mirror reflection amplifies the space and makes it feel and look way beyond its original sizing. 

The secret to seamless modern design is hidden and concealing cluttered visuals.

Behind the closed door, is where the Hidden Music room is. Adding a twist and away from the conventional way to finding the entry door, to the secret room.

Keeping personal spaces concealed and away from your Guest by doing a hidden door design is a great idea if you love Privacy settings.

The Kitchen is usually one of the busiest and most used spaces in the house, and it makes sense that homeowners would use it and like things to be a certain way that suits their lifestyle. Whether it is a large or small space, the layout and storage space must be properly positioned and arranged so homeowners can achieve maximizing efficiency in the kitchen space.

Our Creative Designer, Alex Tan has given a new life to the originally awkwardly shaped layout Kitchen. This also helps to expand the storage area for the homeowner, making good and practical use of the odd spot. Overall, the semi-open concept Kitchen is now having greater, brighter ventilation from the Kitchen and into the Living space. As well as it’s easily accessible and can be seen from the Living area while taking care of Kids.

Presenting this corridor space dedicated to prayers for the homeowner and family. This quintessential wooden Pooja Altar is designed to fit the needs of the homeowner’s praying session. Our Creative Designer crafted meticulous design details on the wood panel as well as making sure that homeowners have sufficient storage at their Altar station.

A good night’s sleep with Children in the Master Bedroom, also means everyone should feel comfortable, cozy, and functional at the same time. We’ve added an extra single-size bed on the side of the King size bed to add an additional comfort space for homeowner children who occasionally come over to their parent’s room to sleep.

Adding a pop of purple, and enhancing the room space with a space-saving double-decker loft bed in the Children’s room. Creating a visual interest that is asymmetrical from the Bed to the desk, balancing the space with visual weight.

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