If you have to choose a new paint colour, or a palette for your home’s wall and not sure what options you have. Here are Different Types of Wall Paint & Finishes choices:

– Paint Finish
– Wallpaper Finish
– Textured Finish:
> Stucco Wall
> Abstract Panel
– Flute Panel Wall
– Wood Panel Wall

When deciding on a wall finish it is important to take some of these factors into consideration:

1) Cleanability and Durability: The primary considerations for wall covering should be their functional quality. Second, aesthetic and third the maintenance of it.

2) Lighting factors: Decorative wall finishes are chosen for the ability to bring colours and texture in different lighting conditions, be it in natural lighting, room light, or shade.

3) Kids-friendly: A good tip for Parents would be to have a smooth wall surface, such as wall painting, or use wallpaper for rooms that are frequently used by children.

4) Waterproof: Moisture penetrates into Interior walls of homes which can lead to the growth of mold. It’s important to choose a breathable and sustainable wall finish in areas that may contact with water more often, to allow walls to breathe and eliminate moisture.

[Paint Finish]

ADVANTAGES of Paint Finish:

  • Wide varieties of Colours selection
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be Waterproof


  • Lower quality paint may chip or change in colour consistency over time


[Wallpaper Finish]

ADVANTAGES of Wallpaper Finish:

  • Wide varieties of Design and Quality selection
  • May be waterproof
  • Easy to maintain and can be Durable
  • Mostly Affordable
  • Able to hide small defects on the surface of the wall

DISADVANTAGES of Wallpaper Finish:

  • Susceptible to temperature change
  • May see joint line (depending on design chosen)


[Textured Finish: Stucco Wall]

ADVANTAGES of Stucco Wall:

  • Wide varieties of Design selection
  • No Joint line
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Colour Retention


  • Cleaning maintenance can be challenging


[Textured Finish: Abstract Panel]

ADVANTAGES of Abstract Panel:

  • Wide varieties of Design selection
  • New fresh look by highlighting the wall
  • Visually Attractive

DISADVANTAGES of Abstract Panel:

  • Expensive
  • Vulnerable to damage


[Flute Panel Wall]

ADVANTAGES of Flute Panel Wall:

  • Elegant and Rich looking
  • Useful for hiding flaws underneath (especially cables)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not easy to see Joint lines

DISADVANTAGES of Flute Panel Wall:

  • Fixed sizes strips


[Wood Panel Wall]

ADVANTAGES of Wood Panel Wall:

  • Elegant and Rich looking
  • Useful for hiding flaws underneath (especially cables)

DISADVANTAGES of Wood Panel Wall:

  • Time-consuming workmanship, therefore, may be Expensive
  • Have to entirely replace if one part rot over time.
  • Susceptible to temperature change (bulges)
  • Wood can lose natural moisture if oil is applied from time to time.
  • Easily see Joint lines.

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