Many of our clients come to us because they just bought a new home, or have been in their home for a while and want a complete change and update the look. Some of them have some ideas of what they envision for their future home-to-be. But, they seek our help for professional advice.

This includes some of them:

  • Have ideas and styles they like, but don’t know where to start or how to achieve the complete look.
  • Want a much more polished and cohesive-looking home, but don’t have the time or resources to look into, research, manage all the details, and pull the whole look together.
  • Upsized their home without the need for a lot of new furniture and don’t want to make costly mistakes.
  • Feel that their spaces are not as functional for their needs or do not have the best flow.
  • Need help prioritizing and managing projects, making decisions, or advice on where to invest and where to save for the home and renovation.
  • Tried decorating on their own and have not been able to get the results they desire or have made some purchases that didn’t work out.

If you relate to any of these, then read on. This post will help you decide if hiring an Interior Designer is for you or not.

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So, what does an Interior Designer Do?

In general, an Interior Designer is involved in the design of all things on the inside of the house, from the planning required to the actual of making it happen. This may include the overall layout of the rooms and furniture, designing the kitchen and bathrooms as well as selecting the materials, finishes, and fixtures such as floor and wall treatments. It also includes the design and selection of soft furnishings such as rugs, pillows, decorative items, and window treatments.

Ultimately an Interior Designer’s primary goal is always to improve and enhance the space for the homeowner in both functionality and design concept. A well-designed home must have both function and aesthetic, and that can truly live inside with ease and joy.

What can an Interior Designer do for you?

  • Curate and narrow down countless options for you based on your functional needs, aesthetics, timelines, and budget.
  • Archive the most out of your budget, because they have a good understanding of associated costs and are able to advise where you should invest for the greatest impact.
  • Be a resource for you in the areas of the trade, making sure design and workmanship are of good quality, exceptional design, and uniquely for your home only.
  • Customize almost every detail, from upholstery to cabinetry.
  • Your Go-to-person to bounce off ideas-to-ideas, talk all things design.
  • Save your time, money, and effort while giving professional, statement-making, Pinterest-worthy results to your new home.

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Interior Designers make visions happen. They can visualize what a finished space looks like and help you check it. They put everything together in their mind and then communicate it to the relevant trades to make it happen. Like an artist who puts together colours on a canvas painting. Interior Designers are experts in space planning and proportion scale. They know the rules to design and they know how to stretch and break the rules when needed. Interior Designers have a wealth of information and knowledge that can help you save time and money.

Who should hire an Interior Designer?

One of the most important aspects of a successful renovation project is to have an Interior Designer who understands your pain points and helps you in designing your new needed Lifestyle.

When is a good time to hire an Interior Designer?

It is never too early to bring this up with an Interior Designer. As most projects are often best when the design stage is considered earlier. Understanding the design process will give you an idea of how long the process takes.

We hope this post gave you an insight into the value of an Interior Designer and what one can do for you. We hope this post would help you determine if working with an Interior Designer is the right decision for you.

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