Ways to bring Japanese-style into your HDB & Condo Home

The Japanese culture may be one of the most interesting Asian cultures there is, especially when it comes to art and architecture. Japan has beautiful creations that we love as well as a couple of things we can learn from its culture to suit the design of Singapore’s Home.

Decorating with touches of tranquility; simplicity, zen, and serenity will able to let you achieve Japanese Style in your home. Check out some ways to incorporate Japan-style into your Home:

1. Shoji Designed Doors

A Shoji is a door, window, or room divider that is used in traditional Japanese architecture that consists of the translucent (or transparent) sheet on a wooden frame. Shoji usually slides but occasionally can be hung or hinged. Alternately, a wooden colour Flute Panel can be a good replacement for Shoji designed panels in Modern Interior design.

2. Bamboo Decorations

Bamboo is an essential part of Japanese culture. It is a decoration that is popular in Japan’s home. Bamboo itself has many uses, one of the best is soft and it gives a beautiful natural effect.

3. Adopt a Bonsai Plant

A Bonsai tree in Interior design is a Living art that roots in harmony. The bonsai tree is seen in most Japanese-themed houses and is a great addition to a home that emphasizes traditional elements.

4. Place A Wooden Shoe Rack at the Entryway

In Japan, A Getabako (下駄箱) which is a shoe cupboard is usually placed at the Genkan (玄関) in another word Entryway or porch of the house. Commonly like any Singapore’s modern house, there is a shoe rack outside the unit or inside next to the doorstep.

5. Go with Natural Colour Palette

Keeping a neutral colour palette is one way to create a quiet, restful-looking visual. Using refined hues such as; Cream, Black, White, and Taupe colour throughout the home for unity.

6. Pebbles for Decoration

Talking about Zen and Japanese landscaping; pebbles, stones, and rocks symbolize eternity and stability in Japanese Gardens. Incorporating Pebbles into your Home can make it appear stylish and with a punch of japan ambiance too.

7. Emphasis on Minimalism

Japan minimalism usually encourages a serene, simple, and un-cluttering lifestyle, emphasizing strongly balance mindfulness, simplicity, and nature. Simple is beauty; less is more is the concept to go if you’re setting in yourself into a Japanese-themed home.

8. Go for Wood texture

One of the best ways to harmonise with nature is to add natural wooden elements into your home. Japanese culture is known for using wooden elements throughout their homes, the least you can do is to create a woody-feel flooring to get a pinch of the vibes.

9. The Soaking Bathtub

The Japanese soaking bathtub, also known as ofuro is nothing new. This type of tub has been used in Japan for centuries as an indoor extension of bathing in Japan where it’s near to the hot springs.

10. Bringing Nature Light in

Japanese homes often bring nature inside through a large opening or transmission of light from the Shoji door or window.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condo

11. Decking up Tatami Platform

You don’t need a special reason to have a platform in your room, especially when it practically creates extra space for your storage. Secondly, it can create Japanese ambient in modern homes.

12. Leaving Plenty of Open Spaces

Japanese architecture home are often made to be minimalist and spacious at the same time. Leaving plenty of open spaces will help with good air ventilation around the house.

Choosing the right element in your home is crucial for creating your Japanese-style home dream come true, let us help you with your Japanese-style dream home. 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597215338

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