The best way to make a home’s interior clutter-free and organized is a well-planned layout and sufficient storage.

Having a Compact space in this Modern Contemporary unit, given the limited amount of Kitchen floor space, homeowners have requested an extensive Beverage counter in the Living space, for making drinks for their guests. 

We’ve planned and divided the space with colour visuals, separating the two areas at the same time matching up with its laminate finish. The warmness of the wood accent amplifies the space with a very comfortable and vibrant ambiance.

Modern ideas represent clean lines, which is why we keep the amount of furniture and fixtures to a minimum. One space can be used for many different things at once.

Using furniture, rugs, and colours can help set up various functional areas in a condo. This is one way to make the most of the living space. This condo looked brighter, bigger, and grander with a statement piece of art and a base color like white, wood brown, and beige.

There was a clear difference between the light-coloured walls and the dark-coloured furniture and fixtures. The earthy tones, pastels, and white in this Modern living space brought out the best in it.

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Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Stuart Yee

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