Modern Bohemian Interior takes the best of the colourful, this characterful interior style marries with a pared-back, neutral look and its trending texture however without going maximalist. Bohemian style is mostly about expressing the different facets of personality and combining them into a look that is truly unique and yours. Some Bohemian hybrid-style can come with eclectic artwork, mismatched prints, motifs, and patterns.

Bohemian home interiors are refreshing and can make Interior spaces feel cozy and personal. Let us take a look at the specific aspects in creating a Bohemian styled home:

1. Bohemian Colour Palette

Modern Bohemian style is great for people who love playing with colours and materials, some of the normal colours in Boho come with bold deep green, grapefruit pink, orange, and vibrant purple colours. Colours and contrast play an important part in this particular styled interior.

2. Play with Texture

Introduce nature texture into your home space, bringing in the soothing neutral colour palette and texture throughout the space. Such as adding rattan, cane, bamboo, or even woven textured chairs, pendants, shades, curtains, or patterned wallpaper.

3. Warm Light

When it comes to lighting, the Bohemian style is more inclined towards a more exquisite set of eye-level or ground lamps such as table lamps that are hand-crafted. These lights generally create a shadowy effect and also create a rustic feel at home. It is also good to have an airy flow where light passes through the entire house.

4. Many Soft Furnishing

There are a few rules and aspects in mixing and matching the things you may love, whether it is the conventional design or the ones that help you achieve the looks with soft furnishing and accessories. The fabrics used should be soft and inviting, additionally, Cushion, Throw Blanket, Table Cloth, and Runners will set the Boho mood perfectly.

5. Balance is the Key

Strike the perfect balance of Bohemian Interior; Making it modern, diluting its bohemian aspect, and bringing out the beauty in a Modern Boho environment. Planning out interior spaces can be easy if you understand the principles of applying balance. It is the key to making any room space look visually stable by the simple layout arrangement and placement of the furniture and accessories.

6. Not too many Plants

It’s definitely nice to include some plants in the Bohemian-styled Interior. However, it doesn’t mean filling your house with too many plants or succulents.

7. Some Vintage pieces

Bohemian chic decor can be stylish, sophisticated, and eclectic mixing Modern and vintage pieces altogether achieving blends of unique texture, ethnic patterns cleverly together.

8. Cozy floor space

A true Bohemian home should always feel warm and inviting, so invest in soft furnishing such as plush sofas, a few pillows to create safe haven. Additionally, you can also incorporate a mix of other casual seating settings.

9. Bring in Natural Materials

Bohemian Interior design utilises natural or raw materials such as hemp, sisal, wood and rattan. These are great striking bound-to-be great conversation-starters when it comes to Boho Interior. Warm wood can imbue a bohemian lifestyle and warm hues reign supreme in Boho rooms. Warm things up and add a more playful touch along with the other aspects.


When it comes to Bohemian Interior style, eclectic art can add an element of playfulness and an extension of creativity. The fool-proof way to get a Bohemian look is by mixing in Vintage and old pieces, including objects that hold special meaning to the homeowner.

Try things out and switch them around and eventually find the balance, The bohemian living space should feel right to you. If it feels right to you it will be right for your lifestyle.

Let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan for your dream home.

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