Top 8 Trending Light Fixture in 2021 & 2022 for Homes

It comes as no surprise that many people want their house to look as good as possible. You can greatly influence your home ambient by the help of the lighting and fixtures positioning.

Year by year, there’s more and more design options available and it can get really confusing when it comes to choosing the right light for your home space.

  1. LED Track Light
    It’s versatile, flexible and stylish at the same time. LED track light is probably the most popular lighting in Singapore. Track lights are characterized by having a length of track that holds a number of LED light bulbs, meet lighting needs and desire that most of the people have.
Punggol - HDB

2. Invisible Hidden Light Source
Similarly to the Ceiling Cove Light, invisible hidden light source adds ambient touch with its LED light source providing a soft radiant to your Interior space.

Tampines - HDB

3. Portable Lamp Light
Portable Lamp light are beneficial for so many reasons, it can be small and light so it will be easy to carry around the house and versatile-ly changing its position. It is also the ideal lighting companion for any weather, or time of the day.

4. Lava Pendant Light
This trendy and modern Lava Pendant light is truly unique in its melting effect patterns. Marvellously adds a drama twist into your space, this photogenic exquisite pendant lamp adds an extraordinary optical effect to your Interior space.

5. LED Wall Light
Wall lighting made excellent for both indoor and outdoor, they also have a robust build and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Marine Drive - HDB

6. LED Strip Light for Display Shelf
With LED strip lights, you will have full control over the colour, length, CRI, brightness and voltage. It also uses 50% less energy than the traditional fluorescent, incandescent and the halogen lighting.

7. LED Neon Light
It is said to be a Daring Home Decor, Neon lights illuminate your mind! It is usually installed at a corner or at a space where it is for a certain activities, such as Dining area or family bonding area of the Home.

8. Cove Ceiling Light
Cove lighting is used to decorate the residential homes in recent years in Singapore. It is a form of light where there are many types of cove lighting you can see in the market such as: Rope, Fluorescent, Linear, LED, Ceiling cove, Wall Cove Lighting and so on. Cove lighting is the best solution for people with a sense of artistic personality and would want to impose it in their homes.

Jalan Salang - Landed

Creating lighting scenes is one of the most important roles of an Interior Designer, to create suitable needs in the interior environment for the Homeowner.

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