Wondering what type of fabric you should pick for your home’s furniture? Here’s a quick guide to help you make the right choice for your needs.

(1) Check for Durability

When choosing a Fabric quality, it is beneficial to consider how much use the Furniture gets. Will you be using it every day? Here are some of the more common natural fabrics use in home furnishing.

Cotton: Popular for its versatility, soft touches, and easy-care character. Cotton is breathable and ideal for Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Linen: Although Linen is more expensive than cotton, it is more of a sustainable choice. Ideal for tropical climates, linen is breathable, lightweight, and cool to touch. It’s hypoallergenic, so dust and pets’ fur won’t be problematic and provoke any allergies.

Leather: Leather can last for decades if care is done properly. It is a strong material, durable, and it’s easily cleaned. Maintenance that is mostly required is light dusting and an occasional wipe with a wet cloth. Leather polishing and softening products can also keep it from cracking.

Silk: This is one of the most luxurious and expensive natural fibres, it can stand the test of time with quality care.

(2) Pick the right colour

Bold colours are exciting and trendy colours are fashionable. Colours can also elevate mood, you can quickly change a look of a room with splashes of colour on curtains, rugs, sofa and cushions.

(3) Patterns and Texture make a difference

Using patterns and texture consistently throughout a space is to create a pleasant sense of cohesion. Texture describes the body and surface of a fabric, be it rough or smooth, coarse or fine, crisp or clingy, soft or stiff, thin or bulky, opaque or sheer, shiny or dull, heavy or light, or in any combination of these characteristics. One has to remember to give a more inviting and natural feel that brings an Interior design balance and down to earth.

(4) Think about Wear-&-Tear and Maintenance

You may need to think about the Wear-&-Tear factors and Maintainance of the fabric you choose. Some of the most common aspects are:

-Fade Resistance: This would be important if your fabric is in an area that gets a lot of sunlight.

-Mildew: Look for mildew resistant fabric in areas that have higher humidity levels.

-Allergies: Microfiber is beneficial for some allergies because it is lint-free and doesn’t attract dust.

(5) Making it Harmony

What is harmony when it comes to one’s home? In general, it’s a feeling of peace and cohesiveness. It’s more than just feeling, everything has to go together. It’s the sense of the whole space and every element in it. It’s a way to create a sense of calmness throughout the entire home.

(6) Pick the style of your choice

When finalising your home interior design, Identifying your style and recreating/adding extra style to your home can help in the overall aesthetics. Tastefully Mix-and-Match and blend different aspects and incorporate them into the final style you want.

(7) Think of how much you want to spend?

Be sure to take the budget into consideration for every aspect of your renovation.


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