Renovation can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to cost. So if you’re thinking about doing a major home renovation, decide whether to hire a Contractor or Interior Designer is one of the most crucial steps in a successful home renovation project.

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1. Start Planning your Renovation, knowing what you and your family need is important, consider the cost-effectiveness for each detail needed. Eg. Do you have enough kitchen space to cook up a feast or entertain guests? Do you need a walk-in wardrobe in all bedrooms? Once you’ve set a goal for your home renovation, it’s time to talk to the professionals.

2. To kickstart the home renovation process, Choose your Home Interior Design style! If you lack ideas, go onto Pinterest and you’ll never run out of any ideas. Talk to an Interior Designer if you need suggestions or help in picking the best insta-worthy Interior design ideas. Of course with an Interior Designer on board, the cost can be more pricey.

3. Make a Realistic Home Renovation Budget, after settling on the Interior design and style as well as the goals to achieve in your home. The next thing is to consider how much you are willing to spend for which aspects. Spending plays a huge part in the final outcome of the Interior Design. Other factors that you may consider when budgeting includes the following:

-Size of your house
-Type of hardware and carpentry work needed.
-Professional fees for Renovation Contractor or Interior Designer

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4. Interior Designer vs Contractor: Know who you need and who you are hiring. Weighing the costs between your needs, wants and budget allows you to see more clearly what is necessary to spend on your Renovation. Hiring an Interior Designer can cost more than hiring a contractor. Generally, an Interior Designer takes full responsibility for what a project manager does, all you have to do is to let them know your preferred design and they will handle the rest. From designing, 3D visualization to what you will be getting after the renovation. While you’re waiting for your property to be renovated, they will be the ones who keep you updated on the progress.

On the other hand, working with a Renovation contractor can save you a lot of money as their job is to executing whatever design given to them and build for you. You may have to watch over the progress yourself as well as quality-check on your own while in the process of your Renovation.


Let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan for your dream home.

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