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The Caspian Condo Designed by Bernard Ling+Jason Tan

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The Caspian Condo Designed by Bernard Ling+Jason Tan

Originally a 4-bedroom condo with the fourth room that was converted into a mixed-use Living space which allows a larger Dining area, and a perfect-for-reading corner.

Archiving a Modern Sleek, Elegant Luxury Space with functional design in a small space can be challenging at times. While a Good designer looks into the different aspects of the house and the requirement before going into designing homeowner’s dream home.

As Design is more than just colour and form, it has to do with the content, space, flow and structure. This unit is renovated in an elegantly sleek and modern style to bring out its classy aesthetic that is with the thoughtful small details to improve the luxurious look and feel of the house.

In the Bedrooms, using similar Lighting and texture to make them rather identical.

Never forget to unleash your Bedroom’s true storage potential while having the opportunity to renovate your house. When it comes to home storage, there is a lot we can play with built-ins as it takes less physical space and for a better visual than the free-standing pieces of furniture.

Utilizing empty wall space with shelving and cabinet would benefit from having extra spaces without occupying too much space on the floor.

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Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Bernard Ling+Jason Tan

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