By focusing on colours, spaces, and shapes, we were able to make a modern and comfortable home by adding trendy and contemporary elements. By emphasizing vivid, intense colors that contrast with neutrals, we were able to make the spaces feel more sophisticated and up-to-date. We made sure any lines were significant, whether perfectly straight, horizontal, or curved. Geometric shapes that are smooth and elegant are crucial.

The homeowner requested for an Aesthetically pleasing space with a good balance of light and space. The living room mixes traditional and modern styles using pillows and a rug with creamy and warm brown tones. The design of this project is both elegant and stylish.

Looking for ways to improve the design of your Dining room? The elegant-looking crystal droplet chandelier is a beautiful ceiling light and it looks even better in person, fantastic vibe here. Droplets of bright crystal make the house shine from every angle. A big round marble table for the homeowner’s family adds a touch of class. This precious stone goes well with almost everything, so it can be used as a finishing touch that makes your whole dining room set look better.

We made the stairs aesthetically modern with a pinch of gold tones and texture. We made a very light and elegant staircase using only natural materials. The stairs frame is built into the steps, and the steps are attached to a wall made of concrete.

What is the one thing every shopaholic wants most for their home?

It’s probably a dream bedroom that highlights a dream closet! It not only adds drama and style, but it’s also beneficial because it can light up the inside of glass displays so you can see the precious collection from the outside. In this bedroom’s layout, putting the bed near the window made it feel clean and organized.

Last but not least, Interior design should be fun and with lots of textures, colours and patterns. With this approach, it not only showcases the unique and bold character of the home but its state-of-art as well.

We love fulfilling homeowner’s desire homes, let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan your dream home for you.

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