Stylish Platform Storage Bed Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

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Stylish Platform Storage Bed Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

With limited space in Singapore homes, homeowners are looking for smart solutions that can help them in maximizing space and making the most of what they have.

Adding extra storage into your room can be simple yet striking looks and design, depending on personal preferences. Increasing storage space and functionality can be tricky in small spaces, however, it is not impossible.

1) The Recessed Lighting

Giving extra stylish vibes with illuminate light into the bedroom, a platform bed can create a dreamy space full of storage that helps not only reducing Visual clutter but also enticing the aesthetic of the room space.

2) Elevate your Bedroom style

Take advantage of a taller platform bed that is able to pack plenty more storage in the room. Keep less frequently used items in areas where it is less accessible.

3) Double up as Workspace

Having a study or working desk in your Bedroom does help and make your lifestyle easier especially when you need a working desk to stay productive.

Having the right design in a small and compact bedroom space can help amplify the space and spice up the space with a unique design along with the Platform storage bed.

4) Woody Rustic Vibes

A wooden rustic vibe bedroom is an epitome of an earthy Interior design and decoration, matching up well with the platform bed and the connected cabinetry wardrobe.

5) The Focal Point

Not all platform beds are minimalist, some are as striking as Terrazo. It may still achieve it simple functionality with a wilder design you may prefer.

6) Whole room’s platform

With darker contrasted, muted tones and spot light creating a cosy, masculine atmosphere in this Bedroom. The platform bed spans the entire width of the room allowing extra storage.

7) The Japanese style

If you love Japanese-inspired design and are looking to renovate your place, this is something you can consider.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condo

In general, the Japanese have smaller living quarters and their bedroom often are functional as both a Living space during the day and a Bedroom during the night.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condo

Japanese don’t sleep on the good, their beds are either minimalist in design or can easily fold up for easy storage during the day.

8) Kids Twin Bed

Platform storage bed can be a fun and clever idea for your Kid’s bedroom too. Whether if you’re lack of space or trying to free up the room a little more. Platform beds in a children’s room can be cool and stylish in many ways.

The Clement Canopy - Condo

9) Keeping it Together

Maximise your space with making your platform storage bed even more functional as a seattee to your desk.

Jalan Salang - Landed

Keeping it together combines different functions altogether in a compact space.

Kingsford Waterbay - Condo

Every detail of the Storage space is carefully planned and made according to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

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