South Beach Residences Interior by Designer Nicky Haw+Karen Lim

Modern Luxury Interior design is known for its sleekness and elegance. It is often described as inviting, gorgeous, and an eye-catching space that shows a balance between subtle and dramatic.

In this Living space at South Beach Residences, we’ve incorporated a marble feature wall behind the TV console as well as balancing the texture with a sleek and modern-looking mirror at the side.

To achieve a Modern Luxury look in any space, the combination of different interior elements such as planning the colour scheme and bringing in a handful of textures is essential.

A good trick to consider in Modern Luxury design is to imply straight and clean lines as well as highlight the statement furniture pieces in the home while balancing the contrast. 

The design and atmosphere play a major role in creating an intimate and relaxing environment for the homeowner and guest.

The Kitchen Island cum dining table need not be in the Kitchen itself, feeling comfy with its positioning and flow is important. Placing it where it is not only functional but also making a statement piece in the home would feature the space in-style.

If there are words to describe this Bathroom, it would be classic, timeless, and effortlessly chic. A bathroom needs to be clean and tidy but it doesn’t need to be purely functional especially if you love to have a nice atmosphere while having your bubble baths.

The Bold Gold strips in this room add Glitz and Luxury ambiance to give light and prestige to this Bedroom. Gold accents are in hot trend now and we dare to say that this classy interior element is here to stay.

Besides infusing the home with shine and gold to bring a luxurious look to the bedroom space, paying attention to the details of the design is essential in perfecting the overall atmosphere.

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