South Beach Residences Designed by Yvette Hong

Boasting a contrast, striking and gorgeous feature wall, the TV feature wall is installed with two sets of mirror-image marble.

(Estimate Renovation cost: $150k)

The charm of the natural stone, Vilanova Marble adds a pinch of warmth which sets the mood of the Living space with an upscale appeal. 

Replacing the original kitchen island with a larger spacious Dining area for homeowner’s families and guests to gather and enjoy a fulfilling meal together.

All it takes is a stylish feature wall that hides the shoe cabinet to make a glam entrance with sufficient storage space. We’ve also specially designed these elegant Display glass shelves by the side of the cabinet for the homeowner to showcase their wine display and collection. 

Black, white, grey, and gold accent decor makes a room modern, sophisticated and elegant at the same time. The Master bedroom is a subtle yet impressive spot in the house, giving a cozy and relaxing vibe.

A slightly vibrant bedhead and side table providing a highlighted contrast to the room. While the Bay windows add beauty and elegance into the room space.

Curvy furnishing has a great balance of modern and feminine design. The bends and twists make it appealing and versatile, embracing the current trend waves of curves in Interior design.

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Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Yvette Hong

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