Singer-Songwriter Ling Kai’s HDB Home: Designed by Danielle Teo

For the love of the Marine Parade area, Singer-Songwriter Lingkai and her Husband Randy have chosen their first home in this 44-year-old Resale HDB flat! 

Randy wanted to hack almost every wall in this 74sqm flat. Our Designer Danielle notes down every requirement mentioned by the homeowner, and by incorporating it with her expertise.

Marine Drive - HDB
(Estimate Renovation cost: $80k)

In the space planning process, she has suggested remaining a sense of privacy for the Master Bedroom. Danielle has also expanded the Kitchen area by making the layout elongated.

As a couple who have a deep interest in Culinary, having a spacious and convenient Kitchen is foremost, furthermore provide comfort to the couple. It’s not just an area for whipping up their meals but a space for bonding for the couple.

Marine Drive - HDB

In the Master Bedroom, Lingkai’s requirement is to have enough space to have a clear walkway for both sides of the bed. We’ve expanded the Bedroom space by hacking the existing wall and added a Wardrobe space in-between the new Living area (existing Bedroom) and Master Bedroom.

At the backside of the Wardrobe, we’ve enhanced it with a feature wall that can be a great backdrop for photos for Ling Kai’s Social Media’s photos.

Last but not least, Our Interior Designer Danielle has specially made their working studio Sound-proofed for their music recording. Installing a double glazed windows panel is essential and critical to ensure the effectiveness of the Sound-proof room.

Marine Drive - HDB

Often an impression of a HDB resale layout is of a similar style or design. Nonetheless, there are a lot more things beyond Homeowner’s imagination. Let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan for your dream home. 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Danielle Teo

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