Every interior design project is different and unique. If you’ve planned a budget along with what you desired for your near future home, stick to it. There may be some hidden or overlooked renovation costs that you might incur. It is essential that you keep aside an adequate miscellaneous portion of the budget for these uninvited costs. And also knowing some typical ones beforehand will help you remarkably with your finances.

(1) Last Minute Changes

Yes, you, yourself can be the biggest reason for a sudden add-on for your renovation budget. You may have thought that you want design A but ended up wanting design B when the renovation kicks-off or almost kicks-off. This is going to be a huge factor for the change in  pricing or increase of the renovation cost. Make sure you Plan ahead and sincerely consider all the ideas before making the final decisions on your home interior design.

(2) Unforeseen Structural Limitations

A room space that you may have thought was big enough but in real scale it isn’t as what you imagine, so now may be you want an open floor layout that better fit your lifestyle. And it can be unfavourable for plumbing and electrical layouts that may need redo-ing to accommodate the “new” design. All such circumstances can be a situation when things are overlooked and realisations ended up a little late, therefore it can end up increasing your renovation costs.

(3) Temporary Living Arrangement Costs During Renovation

Whether you move out or stay-in while your home is renovating, you would want to consider all ways to make sure your living is not affected. Consider and calculate the extra commute cost and time, rent, budget for meals from outside, and more.

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(4) Resale Property: Fixing Old Existing Damages

Older properties tend to have hidden damages that are sometimes found during renovation and that will probably be a need for preparing extra cost when existing damage is realised.

Last but not least, you might not realise but your utility bills can eat into your budget and it is advisable to be prepared in-advance.

When it comes to major things like a home renovation, you should set some renovation cost aside as to include expenses for unexpected work like fixing a burst pipe and more. Managing finances is of course not easy, we hope this article helps you save some money and get you prepared for a better renovation journey. 

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