Rivercove Residences Condominium: Designed by Tony Teng+JY Tan

Upon entering, this home welcomes guests with a simply sophisticated and inviting entryway. This Condominium unit at Rivercove Residences brings a Modern Luxury vibe by incorporating self-sensored automated light at the “half-moon” design as well as at the acid bronze mirror. 

Room colour psychology is an integral part of our daily life, applying Gold lines in the design helps in creating lux accents and atmosphere in the overall space. We’ve also designed a Golden framed glass door to enhance and give a lift to the luxury concept. On the other hand, gold contrasts well with darker colour such as the Grey wallpaper in this home. 

In the Living space, we are using Bookmatched Marble Laminate on the TV feature wall to give a stunning and gorgeous look in the space. 

Bedroom 2 was hacked down to create a much more Spacious Walk-in wardrobe at both sides of the wall, which is now connected to the Master Bedroom. It is dedicated for the homeowner to keep her precious outfit and accessories collection. Moreover, having much-needed privacy and personal space to keep up with her fashion collection. At the back of the Walk-in wardrobe is the TV feature cabinetry at the Master Bedroom. This can help save up wall space. 

The original Wardrobe in the Master Bedroom was dismantled and replaced with a well-design comfortable Settee that can be used in many ways, such as for book-reading or to rest and chill after a long day at work. The standing Dressing Vanity area comes with a Full Height mirror with border-designed LED lights around it, allowing the homeowner to do her makeup with a sufficient light source. 

The Hanging lights and Lamination in this home have all been carefully selected to fit into the space, remaining its Lux and sophistication flow around the house.  


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