Cozy isn’t a style but a feeling, a homey ambiance in this house at the River Isles is what the homeowner wishes for as discussed before the renovation started. 

Having a compact space in this resale condominium doesn’t mean having less storage. It is important to maximize the space with sufficient storage at the same time, uncluttered and spacious at home. 

Your home’s size shouldn’t determine how stylish or functional it is. 

The flooring in the Living area was as of its existing floor. As the homeowner doesn’t require privacy in the Living Area, we’ve used an Earth-toned Daylight curtain to blend into the Living space colour palette. We’ve also proposed an Eyeball Downlight instead of the normal downlight to give a softer touch to the space. Colours and lighting, when done right can archive a cozy hotel-like ambiance in the home space.

The Homeowner purchase a 70-inch TV before engaging us, we have proposed a simple TV feature as the area where the TV wall is, is not large. The suspended dark wood TV console matches up with the TV feature wall with a balanced dark-light contrast to give a warm, cozy, and comfortable visual in the Living room. At the bottom of the TV console, we’ve customized a charging dock area for the homeowner’s home robot vacuum. Adding in the gold strips at the TV feature wall also adds a pinch of Luxury touch, yet not too overwhelming.

The clear tempered glass panel in between the Living-Dining space and the Kitchen is an existing glass panel that we’ve styled and replaced with a new Bifold glass door.  Even when it is in its closed position it can increase the natural lighting and ventilation throughout the home space.

Coordinating the colour palette in the Kitchen with a similar tone as the Living area, this Modern Kitchen’s hue promotes good flow in the house aesthetically. We’ve replaced the existing light-coloured flooring with a darker version as it would help the Kitchen space look modernly cool and homey.

We’ve used a neutral light grey colour, along with a dark black colour sprayed-painted Tempered glass backsplash. This combination gives a clean and sleek look and gives off a Modern Luxury style vibe. Not forgetting, Glass backsplashes are durable, at the same time resistant to mold and bacteria. It’s easier to maintain compared with some other backsplash materials. 

The Kitchen’s cabinet hides a pull-out table, for additional countertop space that can easily save any floor space.

For the 3 Bedrooms, we’ve changed the flooring to vinyl flooring instead of its existing floor finish.  We’ve retained the existing doors and door frames and added an extra double swing door for the Master Bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe due to the small compact space.

Instead of the conventional vanity cabinet, we’ve mounted a large mirror alongside the wall at the basin area to amplify the space and make it feel bigger and not so crampy. A large mirror can contribute to the sense of spaciousness and lengthen the look of the space in the Bathroom.

River Isles Condo Interior by Designer Lynna Lestari+Jecika Jagadesen

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