When it comes to a home renovation, there are several levels of involvement to consider about. The cost of home renovation in Singapore can vary, depending on the size of the property and the requirements. 

Before getting started, it’s important to set yourself a budget for your renovation. Ensuring that you spend within your means while trying to build your dream home. 

So if you are not looking to start a DIY project, we recommend consulting a professional Interior Designer or platform. There are multiple platforms available in Singapore, be it getting inspirations from Qanvast, Renopedia, HomeRenoGuru, or other Interior Design companies. Here’s a chart that is beneficial for homeowners:

With multiple home inspirations on Qanvast board, reviews and rating it definitely help you to explore more Interior Designers in Singapore. Having said that, the perks is Qanvast lets you deposit with a free $50,000 Qanvast Guarantee.

On the other hand, Renopedia provide useful Interior Design Tips and Handy Renovation calculator as well as Free quote and renovation checklist.

Similarly, HomeRenoGuru (HRG) takes you on a tour of someone else dream home. They also provide a short quiz to gets homeowner to get aware of how they would want their home to be like in the near future, with their budget taking into consideration as well.

Here at Rezt+Relax, your living comfort is our priority. We consistently seek out ways to ensure our customer’s peace of mind and in doing so, we’ve held ourselves accountable with Casetrust-RCMA and also offer a service unique only to us, our Lifetime Warranty.

A Home Renovation can be a great way to add value to your home and make it more enjoyable to live in. Let us design a budget for your Dream Home.

Planning a Home Renovation?
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