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Park Natura Condo: Designed by Bernard Ling

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As the homeowner’s dog would walk around the house, laminate, glossy tiles, and polished flooring should be avoided. It is also recommended that an anti-slip floor be used for older dogs as well. The best flooring for pets is vinyl flooring as it’s waterproof, scratch-proof, and really easy to clean. This could double up the benefits, especially for the homeowner’s elderly Grandma who is also staying in the same home with them.

We’ve hacked the existing Marble tiles and overlayed new Vinyl flooring. Having said that, Vinyl flooring is highly durable, and it can last for a long time. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetics of the home.

A comfortable home space is ideal for unwinding, relaxing, and entertaining guests, so as to make sure the home style and decoration are comfortable and ideal for relaxing. 

In addition to a spacious long balcony, the house features a large dining table and outdoor speakers for the enjoyment of music, creating a cozy and comfortable environment. It is designed to have a warm but not overly dark atmosphere.

Coming to the Kitchen, cooking should be a breeze when we’ve arranged and got everything laid out neatly for the homeowner! Layout and flow are important factors to consider in the kitchen. 

We’ve extended the small and compact kitchen and separated the wet and dry Kitchen by having a glass door and window between them. We’ve also re-layout the cooking hood and changed its original location to nearer to the window. This would not only help the ventilation flow but also the lifestyle flow in the Kitchen.

The Kitchen area previously had telescopic wall-mounted hoods and walls surrounding its windows, making window access difficult. Our Designer Bernard Ling had to add steel structures to the false ceiling to support the new hood, which is sleeker and lighter. 

In addition, we designed a standing pull-out wine bar that homeowners can enclose when they are not using it.

Since the service yard and washing area are concealed behind the cabinet door, the helpers can focus on their house chores in it. Furthermore, the hidden area keeps clutter away from the living and kitchen areas.

Who doesn’t want custom-made drawers and large spaces for hanging clothes and dresses?

The homeowner wanted more wardrobe space and therefore we’ve built a spacious Walk-in wardrobe for them. In this same space, we’ve also created a corner with sufficient storage space for the male homeowner’s working space.

Instead of a boring bedhead, we have designed a bedhead with a fluted panel in mixed dark tones of wood and a line pattern design light-coloured feature wall. The large bed heads feature a wall design that enhances the bedroom and brings contrast to the space.

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