OUE Twin Peak Condo Designed by Nicky Haw+Carlesa Boo

As a whole, the design of the Condominium OUE Twin Peak is simple and unpretentious. This contemporary architectural language is yet in its presence in the skyline of an exclusive city district that is undeniable.

Perched elegantly on Leonie Hill on Orchard Road, it is sited within one of the finest locations in the heart of Singapore. With the perfect view from High Balcony, making it. a relaxing home space for a drink or two.

Walking around in the apartment is such a one-of-a-kind experience, as it is such a gem and glam Living space with a posh interior style

Inside this timeless design Living space, the Magnificent modern beige marble flooring matches well with the grey-vein rug, adds a contemporary feel to the luxurious space. The classic cove light reveals a soft and warm touch that glows gently within the space.

The dark wood colour laminates paired with the tinted mirror visually expand the living room, making it spacious and neat on its own.

Inducing a feeling of pure relaxation and indulgence, incorporating the perfect luxury bedroom that feels similar to a hotel room.

The critical and final touch to a hotel-inspired room is an elegant state-of-art detailing that brings the look altogether.

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Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Nicky+Carlesa

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