For this condo renovation at Margaret Ville, our Designers Pauline Yeong & Jason Tan chose white or neutral colours for the walls to let in more light. The use of glass panels instead of solid walls as dividers is to allow as much light as possible into the house.

The condo felt warm and cozy because of how the stylish furniture and accessories were put together. Adding dark-coloured accents is a way to make a modern room look fabulous. This home looked more extensive because of the mirrors and the dramatic sheer curtains that went from the floor to the ceiling.

Organizing a study area creatively can maximize its potential. An environment decorated in a modern style with wooden furniture works best for focusing and generating ideas. Large and long, it can house a desktop, a laptop, a pen holder, a table lamp, or even a small plant or decorative piece. To add ambiance to the room, we chose window blinds instead of plain drapes.

For the bedroom, we installed blackout curtains in order to completely darken the space at any time. So homeowners can get a good night’s sleep without any disruption from harsh light thanks to sophisticated LED wall lighting. Whether you’re gazing upon a rural landscape or a bustling metropolis, the sights outside can have just as much of an effect as those insides.

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