When it comes to renovation, there’s a lot more to designing a property than you might think. Deciding to renovate your home can be overwhelming as it can be. Throw in a large sum for going ahead with your renovation plans and finding alternate accommodation can be stressful. 

Some people prefer to live in their house during renovations, while others rent a room outside while renovating. 

So, a good night’s sleep is important. Deciding whether to live at home or move out during a renovation is tough. The disruption of relocating to new surroundings, coupled with the added expenses and more concerns. While staying in may have concerns of dirty surfaces and loud drilling noises that can be pain to live with.

If you do not want to move out, and are renovating multiple rooms in your home, leave at least one room that you can occupy and keep your important belongings. Dust-proof this room that you will be temporarily staying in during the renovations, or rooms that are not affected by the renovation.

Aside from keeping bedroom doors closed, it is necessary to use plastic drop cloths that are easily found at hardware and paint stores to keep some of the dust out of the room and cover your furniture too.

However, it is recommended NOT to live on-site during renovation. Getting used to a dirty and messy place is one of the first lessons learnt, there’s no amount of vacuuming, cleaning, or sweeping is going to clear the dusty room. There may not be running water, working toilets nor electricity. 

Moving out during renovation will allow you to live in a safe and efficient way.

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