(Estimate Renovation cost: $90k)

The homeowner of the Belgravia Villa is a customer of Rezt+Relax 11 years ago, this is their 2nd home. The married couple who loves traditional and nostalgic design elements has their own unique sense of style.

Our Creative Designer Cynthia Lee has done a few configurations to match up with the Mid-century concept. This home exudes exclusivity and personality. The home space offers a timeless appeal with high functionality.

As the mid-century concept is still a hit in today’s homes. As the homeowner often reminisce about their childhood times, this home is made to blend with their childhood nostalgia that is timeless yet functional, bringing back fond memories to them.

In the entrance way, we’ve decorative patterned floor tiles to create a modern yet nostalgic ambiance.

Upon entering the home, a touch of literature can be found in the dining area style. Blending the design with vintage lighting installed, hanging from the high ceiling of the second level to the first-floor dining area.

At the dining area, the Nature sunlight flows and shines through the full-height glass window panel, amplifying the space and making it cozy and comfortable. The marble table evokes a warm and inviting atmosphere to allow the family to dine comfortably.

At the left side of the Living area, the space in between the Living area and the stairs is complete by the Motif carved Brick pattern wall. It was designed to separate the modernity of the lift area/stairs. to match the Mid-century concept design theme as a whole. We’ve used the white partition to cover up the existing glass railing at the stairways so as to match with the Motif carved Brick pattern wall to further enhance the elegance of the particular century.

The 2nd storey consists of the baby room, and children’s room.

The Nostalgic metal grille at the 2nd storey landing is custom-made for the homeowner for a better ventilation as well as a matching theme at the same time. It does not only serves as a safety precaution purpose but also exudes a timeless atmosphere in the home space.

In the children room, Cynthia have used a Double pull-out bed to save space. Both the baby and children room were designed with cute wallpapers and curtains to inject some fun and excitement into the room space. The homeowner’s child is a huge fan of Lego, therefore we’ve also customized the display glass cabinet at the side of the children’s room entryway for sighting pleasure.

It is often impossible for having enough storage in kids room, therefore keeping kid’s space unclutter and hazard-free is important. We’ve also designed a bench for reading that comes with a storage space underneath and able to display books that are read halfway at the front of the drawer’s shelving. Kids can easily access to their favourite story books at this cozy corner, making it a really convenient and utilitarian design in Interior.

In the Master Bedroom on the 3rd level, the Walk-in Wardrobe concept allow the homeowner to have more storage space. Since mid-century-modern Interior design is also about simplicity, it makes sense that there’s a stronger sense of the style in the Master Bedroom. Using shades of white, matching with the soft furnishing in the room, makes it look and feel more spacious.

Every detail in the house has been carefully planned and made according to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan for your dream home. 👉🏻 Talk to Us Now! WhatsApp @ 6597277404

Our Creative Designer, for this Project: Cynthia Lee

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