Landed House at Macpherson: Designed by Alex Tan+Anzie Lee

To provide this home with the consistency of surface, edge, and corners, we designed a Modern, Light, Luxury Marble Dining area.

A corner sectional sofa with a Round coffee table set of 2 is distinctive. It’s composed of marble and has a black-painted iron base, providing Richness to the home.

The stunning s-fold curtains enhance the living area as well as Vibrant hues and gold accents make this space stand out. Well-planned built-in cabinet concepts for the Living rooms are transformative to satisfy every demand, with many uses to conserve space – for wine collectives and decorative pieces. All must be stored and displayed without producing a crowded and cluttered space or compromising a room’s design.

We’ve also added a new Residential Elevator to better our client’s day-to-day convenience and to complement all the attractive characteristics of lifestyle.

A bathroom is a place for you to exhale and relax, but it’s also essential. We’ve designed a bright and white space that’s easy to clean and easy to use, with sufficient storage for your toiletries and towels. This is a space that is connected with emotion—it’s the place where you wake up in the morning and begin your day, where you take care of yourself, and where you wash away any worries or concerns before stepping out into the world. Also, a place they could retreat to daily to unwind and rejuvenate. A modern cozy-feeling bathroom with clean lines and fantastic texture gives the homeowner a much-deserved retreat in their home.

A large bedroom doesn’t need to be packed with colour, patterns, and decor. Staying natural and neutral, and using relaxing colours is wonderful.

Walking into the Master Bedroom, we converted the balcony into a home study area. This balcony is flooded with light thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass windows—wouldn’t you want to enjoy the view?

The Master Bedroom is large and airy, with a view of the greeneries outside. The new study space has been extended to accommodate the homeowner’s needs. The study area is now connected to the Master bedroom, which makes a convenient flow between these spaces.

We love fulfilling homeowner’s desire homes, let us know your Interior design requirement so we can plan your dream home for you.

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