Landed House in the Bukit Panjang: Designed by Shawn Haw+Grace Mao Yi

One of the Homeowner’s requirements was to make the Odd shape Landed space into a more spacious and open design. We’ve done Additions and Alterations (A&A Reconstruction) allowing more space inside-out as well as retaining some existing structures.

We’ve hacked the majority of the walls on the Ground level interior as well as set Gross Floor Area (GFA) Extension for this House at the same time increase space utilization. If you’re thinking of renovating your Landed house without tearing it down or rebuilding it, this is an option you can go for.

In usual Landed houses, comes with Carporch allowing 1-2 cars to park in the Landed Boundary. For this Homeowner, they require a Carporch that allows about 4-5 cars to park within the area. We’ve designed a land space for 5 cars as well as a Patio area that could possibly be a waiting/dining area for the Homeowner and their Guest.

Having said that most of the wall is hacked on the ground level, and the Living space feels more enlarged by having an open-concept Dining area as well as an Open-Kitchen space. In addition, having a Bar counter makes the space more entertaining and less boring.

Inside the open kitchen, we’ve used the versatile and stylish Kompacplus surface for its elegance and high-density non-porous quality. In reality, more kitchens are never really quite big enough or have enough storage. We’ve expanded the Kitchen space as well as amplified the storage space for a more organized Kitchen.

Discover a bit of fun and mystery with the Hidden door from the Living room to the Bathroom space. The bathroom door was directly facing the Main door of the house and may be a good thing to avoid especially for the Chinese Metaphysics aspect. The homeowner prefers non-conceal pipes for more convenient maintenance for themselves.

For the new and spacious Living area, we’ve installed the adjustable Magnetic track lighting system for the stretch ceiling. These Magnetic track lights can be played around with for light focus as well as giving a cleaner and neater look to the overall Interior.

On the other side of the Staircase landing, we’ve designed wooden strips with light in between for better visual. It’s a fantastic way to highlight the Staircase landing’s feature wall, by having Hafary texture wall tile for its nature look-alike surface.

On the upper level, the balconies and bathroom are the extended GFA of the house. The Homeowner would prefer a slightly Modern Minimal design for all the Bedrooms.

The Master Bedroom is designed with a Walk-in Wardrobe combined with a Modern Luxury Master Bathroom. We’ve gone for the Modern minimalist look for the extended Balcony connected to the Master Bedroom.

Installing black Quartz Countertops in your Master Bathroom is a sure-fire way to make a statement. Evoking richness and luxury, a dark bathroom has a gutsy, bold aesthetic and makes a strong style statement. Creating a comfortable Bathroom is essential, maximising comfort is one of the most important elements of Bathroom design. Making daily routine more convenient, and a better lifestyle experience at home.

The Attic’s bathroom is one of the fanciest bathrooms in the house. Having a skylight creates a cozy ambiance while having a pinch of resort mood.

The charm of herringbone pattern wall tiles is great for a Modern and fun look in the bath space.

Last but not least, the outdoor Roof is using Teak wood materials on the ceiling. This adds a cozy effect to the space and helps in maintaining an optimum temperature according to the weather outside.

Let us know your Landed home requirement so we can plan for your dream home.

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