When it comes to renovating your bathroom, choosing tiles is for the practical aspects as well as the aesthetic purpose. Whether you want to give your bathroom a spa-like sensibility or bring some drama into your small powder room. There are always some ways to level up your boring bathroom with a fresh look or a splash of colours.

Here’s all the inspiration you need to design the Bathroom of your dreams.

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(1) Herringbone Pattern

Forget about boring traditional tiles patterns, jazz up your house with a spark of creativity, and make a real statement at home with a Herringbone pattern. A Herringbone pattern can make a space look extra charming and elegant when it’s positioned correctly.

(2) Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles come in a wide range of pattern varieties, finishes, and colours. There is also an array of diverse materials to choose from. Swapping out the traditional tiles, creating a whole new vibe and blending into a subtle pattern of geometric tiles.

(3) Penny Tiles

Penny tiles may sound a little old-fashioned but as old times design is resurfacing, Penny and its well-known cousin “Hexagon” tiles are re-introduced is making a comeback in the Modern contemporary world. Once a classic, always a classic.

(4) Mix and Match

Feeling a little adventurous? Playing with different shapes, and finishes by interplaying with various options can be a fashionable option too. Be it a quirky pattern of top wall tiles with bottom glazed tiles that come together in a nice blend, or simply experimenting with different colour schemes and textures in the same space. Add a personal touch to your space by creating a gallery-worth bathroom for your own comfort at home.

(5) Statement Piece

In the age of self-care, it’s no wonder that bathrooms are getting their own luxury makeovers. In recent years, a simple washroom & bathroom have evolved into beyond just functional, it’s turning into something that make a statement. A bathroom is a place to relax, and relaxing imagery makes the experience more enjoyable.

(6) Mosaic Tiles

There are plenty of ways to play around with Mosaic tiles as they come in an assortment of patterns, colours and finishes as well as endless possibilities in design.

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